Ladytron at St George’s Hall, Liverpool, 10th June 2011

Last Friday I made an unusual trip to Liverpool to see one of my favourite bands, Ladytron, play at St George’s Hall. St George’s Hall is a Grade 1 listed concert venue, and one of Liverpool’s major historic landmarks. This counted, technically, as a hometown show, although none of the band are actually from the city.

I had a feeling things were going to be a little bit different when I went for a drink in the bar:

Ladytron were playing in the “small concert room”, a circular Neo-Georgian (I think!) theatre, and the gig was seated. For an electronic act, the setting was unusual but quite, quite stunning.

The gig itself was spectacular – imagine sitting on the sofa in your front room while your favourite band played a set pretty much where your TV is sitting, and you’re pretty much there.

I have to say it was an oddly British affair too. After the first three songs, during which everybody sat and clapped politely too, Helen (one of the two singers) suggested that people could come up to the front to dance if they wanted to. Cue an invasion of the available space – which provided a great opportunity for some photos.

There are also quite a few good videos on You Tube. In this one you can even see me (just), sitting in the front row in a purple checked shirt!

Anyway, I’ve put all the pictures up on Facebook, for those who are interested. Being at the front, I managed to nab Helen’s setlist.

Tonight it’s X-Men: First Class. Been looking forward to this for quite a while!