Ladies and gentlemen, we have legibility!

Well, I hope so. One of the headaches of web design is trying to get things looking right across all major browsers and operating systems. A website has to be readable, which means typography is important.

Anyway, this site uses Google Web Fonts to deliver the same fonts to any and all systems. Except, of all the browsers in current use, there is one in particular that has terrible Google Web Font rendering. Ironically, it’s the Windows version of Google Chrome.

I’m not sure whether I should be surprised or not, but hey, that’s the way they’re doing it.

So this site has been switched from Open Sans to Droid Sans, which appears to be more legible in Google Chrome. If anyone has an issues or questions, please post a comment!

  • Looks great to me (Win7, Google Chrome). I don’t think there were any major issues before, though…

  • I had a few people get in touch to say the main text was too pale and hard on the eyes in Google Chrome. Hopefully this has improved things!