It’s only an ARC… but I think I like it!

Look what arrived today. Look!

The ARCs of Empire State are now officially in the wild. They may be uncorrected advance reading copies, they may be not for resale, they may not have all the exciting bonus features, but they’re wrapped in a selection of choice blurbs (Cory Doctorow on the front, another six on the back at a stylish angle), and they’re really pretty cool, and it feels really weird to have one.

I guess if I think this is weird, what’s it going to be like when I’ve got a box full of the finished, printed version?


Before you ask – the ARCs are a very limited run, and they’re all taken. These ARCs have a job to do, each entrusted with a secret mission. They’re the SAS of the book world – secretive, elusive, and very rare.

Time to lock this one in the vault!

  • ediFanoB

    It is nice to see because it documents that the book will be out on the promised date which is good for people like me who ordered the book in advance.
    Enjoy the ARC and enjoy the day when you get a copy of the final book.

  • J.A. Coleman

    That’s one badass book cover. I look forward to reading it.

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  • That is one mighty fine looking book.