The Burning Dark is out next week. Yay! Also: Eeep! This might be my fifth published novel, and the fourth one might only have come out at the end of January, but that doesn’t make book releases any less scary.

But, The Burning Dark sure does look pretty. The US edition from Tor is a handsome glossy hardcover…


…while the UK paperback from Titan has an amazing soft-touch matte black finish, with spot-varnish green. Yes, that’s a little book geeky of me, but damn, both my publishers have done themselves proud with the design and finish on these.


But while the release dates rush ever closer, work goes on. I’m just about wrapping up the second book in the series, which will be out in April 2015. This book was originally called The Jovian Conspiracy, which fits, but is… well, a little bland. Fine for a placeholder, but nothing that is particularly exciting.

So we renamed it.

Book 2 of the Spider Wars sequence is now called The Machine Awakes. Which is, I hope you’ll agree, much better!

I’ll post some more info about that book later in the year! In the meantime, I think copies of The Burning Dark are already starting to ship… so I’d better get back to work finishing book 2!



  • Paul Weimer

    The Machine Awakes has the same sort of cadence as The Burning Dark as a title. Excellent!