Interviews! Sword and Laser! 89 Chapters! And a big old competition!

I’m up to my eyeballs in synopses this week, having handed in The Burning Dark on Monday, and then I dashed down to London for Lauren Beukes’s book launch for The Shining Girls (more on that later) and was then back in time to hang out with Veronica and Tom at Sword and Laser – this interview (streamed live on YouTube, no less!) was a lot of fun, and can be watched here. Or, if you want to hang on for the proper podcast, you’ll be able to hear it next week. I’ll post up a link when that’s ready.

Sword and Laser are also running a competition! You can win a limited edition hardcover of Empire State, and a limited edition hardcover of The Age Atomic over at Goodreads. It’s open worldwide, and you can enter right here.

Finally, last week I was a guest on 89 Chapters, Pakistan’s premier English language radio book show, where I chatted for a couple of hours about books, writing and music. You can now listen to the whole show here. For those interested, this is the complete tracklist I chose for the show:

  1. The Duke Spirit – Surrender
  2. Ladytron – Mirage
  3. The Cure – A Japanese Dream
  4. The Pixies – Hang Wire
  5. Sleater-Kinney – Youth Decay
  6. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Caterwaul
  7. Prince – Electric Chair
  8. PJ Harvey – You Said Something
  9. Veruca Salt – Seether
  10. The Bird and the Bee – Polite Dance Song
  11. The Warlocks – It’s Just Like Surgery
  12. Giant Drag – Messif My Face
  13. The Corin Tucker Band – Newskowin
  14. Joy Zipper – If I’m Right
  15. The Dandy Warhols – Talk Radio

I’ll do up an iTunes/Spotify playlist for that later this week.