Interview with I Should Be Writing, and Starburst magazine reviews SEVEN WONDERS

It’s just one week to go until WorldCon officially starts in Chicago! I’m looking forward to it a lot, and I’ve got a couple of extra days to have a look around the city beforehand too – I can relax a little too, as I’ve just finished the first draft of The Age Atomic, the Empire State sequel. The draft came in at nearly 154,000 words and needs a hell of a rewrite, but I’m going to chill until I get back from Chicago.

On the Angry Robot side of things, there will be nineteen authors and three “staffers” going, which I think is the biggest gathering we’ve ever had – if you head over to the Angry Robot blog, you can see a full schedule of where you’ll find us. My own schedule (with some more detail) can be found here.

Veteran SF magazine Starburst posted their review of Seven Wonders the other day, giving it 8/10 and saying:

It’s compulsive reading at its best… the author’s glee-filled love of comic-books radiating from every page. [Adam Christopher] evokes classic comic book writers such as Busiek, Moore, Morrison and Gaiman, and yet retains a unique style and sense of a world.

Seven Wonders is out in the US next week (August 28th), and in the UK a week later (September 6th).

Finally, I was recently a guest on Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing podcast, where I talked about Empire State, Seven Wonders, future projects (including The Age Atomic, Hang Wire and Shadow’s Call) and various bits and pieces about writing. You can listen to the episode here (or subscribe in iTunes). Being on I Should Be Writing is a pretty big deal for me, because it was this podcast that got me back into writing seriously, in 2006 – its importance to me as a writer cannot be understated. In fact, Mur and I talk about that in the interview – so check it out!