Interview with Geek Syndicate, new review, Pulp’s Golden Age and new RPG module

Just a quick one. The competition to win a signed copy of Empire State has closed, and I’ll be drawing the winner tomorrow (along with the 3,000th Twitter follower).

Tomorrow I’ll be popping along to Waterstones at the Arndale Centre in Manchester, where fellow Angry Roboteers Anne Lyle and Andy Remic are doing a joint signing. I’ll take some pics, but if you’re in the area you should drop in between 1.30 and 3pm.

Meanwhile, over at Geek Syndicate, I talk to Christophe Montoya about Empire State, The Age Atomic, and Hang Wire; its always a pleasure to speak to them!

Also, two honourable mentions of Empire State – a nice mini-review popped up at, while at the mighty Criminal Element, Stephen Blackmoore posts his thoughts about pulp fiction, including Empire State and the forthcoming Dinopocalypse Now by Angry Robot stablemate and Team Decker member Chuck Wendig. Stephen is the author of the urban fantasy/zombie/crime novel City of the Lost, which I can highly recommend.

Finally, there’s a new module for the Empire State RPG, The Mystery of the HMS Majesty, which quite frankly sounds awesome. Check it out over the the WorldBuilder site!

One week to EasterCon! Eeep!