In which I (kinda) make an in-store appearance at the World’s Biggest Bookstore, Toronto

Toronto is easily one of my favourite cities in the world, and is home to The World’s Biggest Bookstore, which I remember spending many hours trawling through when I was last there in 2003. Which is far, far too long ago… I need to get back to Canada…

But, for a limited time, you can come and see me in store… because for October, I’m the Featured Author – Science Fiction!


This means I get a shelf endcap display, which not only shows off my novels, but features an interview I did with bookseller Jessica Strider. For the moment you’ll need to go in-store to read the interview, but Jessica will put it up on her blog this Friday.

All of which is pretty gosh-darned cool. Toronto, I am in you!

In other news, two more ace Seven Wonders reviews have hit:

Over at Functional Nerds, Paul Weimer says Seven Wonders is

…explicitly and unapologetically a paean to superhero comics… [and]¬†pressed all of the right buttons for me.

While Paperless Reading said:

The book was such a joy to read and the scenes were so vivid that I swear it was like reading the comic book version. I’m sure any superhero fan would appreciate and love this story too. This is a brilliant story that would make a great standalone novel but I wouldn’t be surprised if we visit this setting again at a later date.

Thanks, dudes! And back to the editing…