Honourable mentions

Week one of the new decade draws to a close (no, I’m not getting into an argument about whether the decade starts in 2010 or 2011. Get. Over. It), and after a bit of heaving and swearing (lots of swearing), I’m finally dragging Empire State back on track. After about two months in the doldrums, it’s a bit like that old metaphor of turning a cruise liner around. It takes a bit of coaxing, and it’s not a fast process. Anyway, one million words, here I come.

Meanwhile, Cherie Priest, the author what wrote that damned fine book Boneshaker that I harped on about earlier, seemed pretty pleased that she rubbed shoulders with Stephen King on the pages of this blog. Thanks for the link, Cherie!

And this I dig, a lot. Reader ediFanoB, whom I randomly bumped into on Twitter due to our shared love of steampunk, has a few words to say about my novella, The Devil in Chains, on his website. Now, The Devil in Chains isn’t a new release, and one of great mysteries of the publishing world is how books are all hot news on the week of release, then everyone forgets about them. I mean, Coke advertise several times a day on TV, and you can go to the store and buy a can. But I can also go to my local bookstore and buy, say, Salem’s Lot, but you don’t see Salem’s Lot advertised anywhere. Although writing is an art and a craft, publishing is about building name and brand. With that in mind, I’m pretty chuffed that ediFanoB enjoyed The Devil in Chains enough to not only blog about it, but demand I get on with the rest of the series and get Dark Heart (the first novel in the series, for which The Devil in Chains is a stand-alone prequel) edited and, heck, published even!

Well, that’s why I do it. I write stuff that I hope people enjoy. And if they do, that’s my job done. Thanks, edi!

  • Adam, when I find a good piece of work I try to share word about it. Even The Devil in Chains isn't a new release it was new to me. And maybe I'm not the only one. Therefore it is important to share word. I agree with your comment about ads. Of course I read a lot of books from big publishers. But there are still many hidden treasures – not published like Dark heart, printed on demand (POD) like Demon's Bane by David Douglas (my review), published by a small publisher like Crown of Vengeance by Stephen Zimmer (my review) – which needs to be discovered. There are a lot of opportunities with all the instruments like Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Blogs and so on.
    Without internet I wouldn't have read neither your novella nor the mentioned books.
    You explained why you write books.
    I write about books because I love reading and share word about books I like.
    And when more people share words about these books it will raise the interest in these books.
    We should not forget that without selling books neither authors nor publishers can survive.
    That means if I want to read books I like I need
    – an author who write this kind of book
    – enough people who are interested in to buy and read it
    – a publisher who publishes the book
    Maybe there will be changes in future when nobody wants to read printed books any longer….

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