I was going to talk about superhero television today, but I’ll save that for next week.

Something has been bugging me today. It’s day 2 of my big write/edit-a-thon. I’ve got 18 days to get Seven Wonders into shape for my betas, and with new chapters and some re-ordering of events, there is a fair amount of work to do.

But… I am a naturally idle person. I’m also easily distracted, and I have procrastination down to a fine art. But in addition, I have that writer’s itch – that feeling you get that no matter how much work you do in a day, it’s still not enough. I’ve had days where I’ve written 5,000 words, and haven’t been satisfied. With publishing being a glacially slow business, and with too many ideas for books on my magic corkboard, sometimes I get the feeling that I need to work harder and work faster.

Which, I think, is really what drives a lot of writers. Well, not the need or desire to be super-prolific or super-fast, but the continuous vague feeling of dissatisfaction. It’s this dissatisfaction that is a big driver for me to Get Stuff Done.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I write a book and am then dissastisfied with it. I didn’t work my ass off to get a book deal and am now feeling dissatisfied with that. Far from it. What I’m talking about is the need to Get Stuff Done. Sometimes 2,000 words a day isn’t enough. Sometimes 5,000 words a day isn’t enough. Sometimes 5,000 words a day and notes on another book and research on a third isn’t enough.

It’s like zombies and brains. A zombie has to eat. It can’t help it. A writer has to write, we can’t help that either. I’d use the word “urge” here but it sounds kinda biological and weird. And I have been reading a zombie novel today!

All of which is a roundabout way of me saying I didn’t get enough done today that I wanted to get done. But – and I admit this myself – that’s me being precious and complainy when in reality I need to shut up and sit down and write something or, hell, take up a different line of work.

So I will. Erm, sit down and do my work, I mean!

But to help with that kind of headspace, I’m going to get retro. Distraction free. Email will be off. Twitter will be off. I’m going to have a writing retreat in my own house – and hey, I’ve got a garden and canal and a view of the woods from my office which a heck of a lot of people would think is the perfect setting for a writing retreat anyway.

In anticipation then of a few distraction-free days, I leave you with the outstandingly great trailer for the forthcoming John Carter movie. Enjoy!