HANG WIRE is out in the US tomorrow!

The calm before the storm. Hang Wire, my fourth novel, is out in the US tomorrow.


Ted is worried. He’s been sleepwalking, and his somnambulant travels appear to coincide with murders by the notorious Hang Wire Killer.

Meanwhile, the circus has come to town, but the Celtic dancers are taking their pagan act a little too seriously, the manager of the Olde Worlde Funfair has started talking to his vintage machines, and the new acrobat’s frequent absences are causing tension among the performers.

Out in the city there are other new arrivals – immortals searching for an ancient power – a primal evil which, if unopposed, could destroy the world.

So… what happened to January?

Books are weird things. I first talked about Hang Wire with Angry Robot back at the SFX Weekender in 2011. Empire State hadn’t even come out yet. I had a tonne of other stuff to do before I got to work on the book, so even after the contracts were signed, it was just an abstract thing in the distance.

And then I dug out the manuscript, and reworked it, and edited it, and did all the things that are required to get a book to submission. And then I did other things.

And then Hang Wire came back and went through more editorial work, and then copy edits, and somewhere along the line I was sent a selection of amazing covers by Will Staehle.

And then I moved on to other projects. And then a box of copies of Hang Wire arrived on my doorstep, and suddenly the book is out tomorrow.

It’s like this for every book. Getting published is a long process. Book production takes time. When you’re deep in the middle of project, you can’t imagine that it’ll ever really get out there into the wide world, and it does and you wonder where the time went. And in the meantime, you might have worked on a dozen other things, each requiring as much time and energy and focus as that book.

All of which is a roundabout way of me saying that my little book, Hang Wire, is out tomorrow, and…

… actually, I can’t wait. Sure, I’m anxious and fearful, and I hope that people like it. But I’m also amazed that tomorrow it’ll be out there and suddenly it doesn’t belong to me anymore. That’s actually a great feeling.

And I get to do this all again next week when Hang Wire hits the shelves in the UK. Good grief.

I’m gonna need a bigger mug of tea.

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See you tomorrow for P-DAY! Meanwhile, you can read a new interview with me about Hang Wire, future projects, and favourite reads, over at My Bookish Ways.