HANG WIRE is out in a week, or… what the heck happened to January?

Hmm. 2014 seems to be speeding by. This is alarming.

Hang Wire is out in the US and in ebook in one week! Yikes! I mean… yay! Coolness.

To whet your appetite, here’s a couple of new snippets that have come in.

Reviewer Bane of Kings takes on Hang Wire at The Founding Fields, and he says that it is:

An excellent read, Adam Christopher once again reminds us why he is your go-to writer for awesome urban fantasy as he crafts an unputdownable tale that makes Angry Robot’s 100th Novel an excellent read!

“Unputdownable” is about a big an accolade as a book can get, so I’m pretty happy!

Over at BRSBKBLOG, reviewer Pete Sutton says:

Being an Angry Robot book you expect it to be pacy and intelligent with good plotting and Christopher really delivers. Recommended.

There’s also an interview with me there, in which I talk about editing two books at once, working with Angry Robot and Tor Books, and also about a couple of future projects for this year.

With Hang Wire just a week out, don’t forget to enter the pre-order contest, in which you could win a rather alarmingly large parcel of 13 signed books. You’ll find details of the contest here, and a selection of pre-order links here.

And I’m also starting a newsletter – the first instalment will drop on January 28th and there’s going to be an exclusive excerpt of something new, along with a giveaway open only to newsletter subscribers.

That’s me telling you to subscribe, btw.