Guilty pleasures

Wa-hey! Empire State, my debut novel, is now listed over at Random House.

Wowsa. That’s pretty cool. Random House are Angry Robot’s US affiliate publisher/distributor, in case you’re wondering what the book is doing there.

Don’t forget, you can pre-order the US version now (out 27th December). All the info you need is here. Clicky click!

It’s also one week to go until Alt Fiction, at which you can hear me read a chapter of Empire State. I’m also on two panels, and I’ve even got my own author page over at the Alt Fiction website. Speaking of Alt Fiction, I’ll be there with fellow writer and co-panellist Jennifer Williams, who talks about Alt Fiction over at her site here.


I’ve come up with a new name for this phase of novel creation – readiting. It’s not the huge big edit that happens when you take a manuscript from draft 0/1 to 2. It’s not the copyediting once you get everything back from whoever you sent it to. This is the middle bit, when you (as I may have mentioned before) read it, and read it, and read it again. Then edit, and re-edit, and re-edit (usually in small chunks, hopefully), then read, and re-read. Just saying you are “editing” doesn’t quite seem to cut it. And “polishing”, or “revising” doesn’t sound right either.

So Seven Wonders is being readited.

While I’ve been readiting, I’ve been watching some old school Sesame Street. I grew up with it, and thanks to the archaic state of New Zealand television in the early to mid 1980s, most of what was screen was 10-15 years old. Which meant the Sesame Street I watched in 1983(ish) was really from the very early says of the series. For this reason, the old school DVD releases are a real trip down memory lane. Surprisingly so – there are sketches and songs that I haven’t seen or heard in more than 25 years came back to mind instantaneously. Which, to be honest, kinda freaks me out.

Here’s something you won’t find in the old school DVD set, however:

  • Anne Lyle

    Love the video! I used to watch Sesame Street with my son – great jokes for the grownups. I mean, come on – Ingmar Bergman parodies? On a pre-schoolers show?

    Look forward to seeing you at AltFiction. I missed out on getting onto a panel, but maybe next year, when I have a book to flog 🙂