Growing up with Target Doctor Who books

Over at The Night Bazaar, I kick off their YA week with some memories of what books influenced me the most growing up – the Target Doctor Who novelisations. I can’t be the only one who owes a lot to Uncle Terrance!

A couple of days to go before December, when it’s back to work on the interrupted first draft of Night Pictures. I’ve never stopped a WIP in the middle before (which I had to do, as I had edits on Seven Wonders, Empire State, and some other projects to complete by deadline), so I’m going back and re-reading the first half of the book to remember what was going on.

It’s actually quite interesting, doing this. Firstly, during the hiatus, my subconscious kept working on the story and it figured out a couple of plot points and even changed some stuff around. As a result, I have a much clearer direction for the second half of the story. Secondly, I never edit as I go, so re-reading part of a manuscript before it is done is not something I normally do. But I’ve quite enjoyed it this time – draft one/zero this may be, but… some of it isn’t too bad. I just had to resist the urge to start editing. That comes later – much later!

Don’t forget, Empire State is being launched at Forbidden Planet on Thursday, 5th January, at 6pm. There is a Facebook event page here, and it’s up on the Forbidden Planet site here. I hope to see you there!