Giveaway time!

Over on that there Twitter, I’ve crossed 4600 followers – which seems like a good time to run a little giveaway.

The competition is pretty simple: follow me on Twitter, then post a comment on this blog post with your Twitter ID, and you will be entered into the draw. If you’re not on Twitter, fear not, because there are four prizes – two for Twitter followers, and two for everyone else. So if you aren’t on Twitter, just post a comment here, and we’ll work it out.

There are four prizes!

The Age Atomic – 9-CD audiobook.

Seven Wonders – 12-CD audiobook.

Seven Wonders + The Age Atomic UK paperback bundle (2 sets).


Twitter followers will be in the draw for one audiobook and one paperback bundle, and likewise for those not on Twitter. The selection of the audiobook will be random, unless the winner has a terribly strong preference. You can only enter once. All prizes will be signed/personalised/defaced as the winner desires.

The competition is open to anyone, worldwide. Because WorldCon is coming up, I’ll leave it running until Wednesday 4th September.

And… go!

  • Tauriq Moosa

    @tauriqmoosa – gives us all the paperbacks!

  • Jesús Cañadas

    Sounds good, let’s do this! @canadasjesus

  • Edenn

    Would love to win! @notsodorky

  • Josh Atkins

    Congrats on 4600 followers Adam! I can’t wait for the Burning Dark.


    Twitter ID: @TheJoshAtkins

  • Charlotte217

    Loved Empire State, looking forward to finishing The Age Atomic

  • edifanob

    Congratulations and thanks for the great giveaway! @edifanob

  • yagiz

    Congrats! And thank you for organising the giveaway. @yagiz

  • Christopher Gordon

    Congrats on your ever-growing legion of followers! @flashrph

  • AllwaysUnmended

    *crosses fingers for The Age Atomic in any form* (has read Empire State and Seven Wonders) @AllwaysUnmended

    Congrats on racking up the followers!

  • James Haley

    Not on twitter, listened to the audiobook of Empire State – have been wanting to check out Seven Wonders for some time (love superheroes). Thanks for the contest.

  • Scot C. Morgan

    I’ve been wanting to leap into your books for some time. Once I finish writing mine (this month), I’m going into your worlds. I’m very excited by what I’ve heard about these books. I caught you on an old Adventures in Sci-fi Publishing podcast (I think that’s where.) some time ago. You’ve been on my to-read list since. Thanks for the chance at a giveaway.

  • Joe

    I’ve been a fan and a follower for a long time! @jtmccourt

  • Jared A. Conti

    The Oracular Beard loves your work over at Angry Robot! Excited to hear your work!

  • @Boo_Gray1983

    Congrats you popular man you 😉

  • Romeo Kennedy

    Fabulous giveaway! My twitter name @RomeoKMusic

  • Dreamer

    Exciting!! My Twitter name is @dwell_ondreams

  • Jason Baldwin

    This contest makes me want to pee my pants. I just discovered your work thanks to Lauren Beukes. Bought Empire State tonight. Can’t wait to read it (and win this contest). 😉 twitter id: @jasonmbaldwin

  • Ty Wilson

    Sounds fantastic! My twitter handle is @wolfgang1313

  • Paul Gifford

    I’m in…@PGiff12

  • Ryan Olson


  • Josh Neff


  • Nevan Chamney

    Congrats on gaining for followers on Twitter. Recently found your work and win or lose I hope to read the rest.

  • William Bylaska

    Ooops. Commented on your Good Reads post instead of below. @bylaska on Twitter.

  • RealBooks4Ever

    Pick me! Pick me! @RealBooks4Ever:disqus

  • I already stalk you on twitter. @pabkins

  • Tim

    I should win because I should win. @timlewis