What? Friday already? Say it ain’t so… apologies for the lack of postage this week, it’s been busy. I might as well see if I can get a whole set of seven posts with a day of the week as the title, so welcome to Friday.

There’s not actually much to report on my front this week – my superhero novel Seven Wonders hit 102,000 words this morning. Although I’m not done, it was still a buzz to cross the 100k mark. I can remember when I did it with my first novel, Dark Heart. The feeling was rather exhilirating, because if nothing else I at least proved to myself that I could write a novel-length work of fiction. Dark Heart ended at about 124,000 words. I think Seven Wonders will be about the same, and I’ve given myself until next Monday to finish it up. Then I’ll print up a trade paperback on Lulu as a personal edit copy and stick it on the shelf for a few months while I take down the ominous black tome that is Dark Heart and get cracking on the second draft. That’s September taken care of. Then once Dark Heart is edited/redrafted, I’ll be starting its sequel in October. I honestly can’t wait to get started, not only because it’s a story I’ve had outlined and plotted for literally years, but because the title popped into my head a few weeks ago, and every time I say it, I positively tingle with anticipation. That title is Dreamweapon. You heard it here first, folks. Tell your friends, tell your family. And yes, it is the name of an album by Spacemen 3. Talent borrows, genius frickn’ steals.

My personal week may have been unremarkable, but not so in the world of teh awesome writers and publishers. Our FDO Scott Sigler, whom I interviewed for a special Writing Habits podcast episode the other week, is now busy signing, numbering, and shipping the initial batch of The Rookie from his secret Warehouse of Doom in San Francisco. The book looks terrific – check out Scott’s own personal unboxing video here. Incidentally, my interview with Scott can still be found on iTunes, and for those who have been asking for it, you can download the original mp3 of the podcast here.

The Rookie also represents the first book from Dark Overlord Media, a new venture officially launched by Scott and business partner A Kovacs. The full press release can be found here, but suffice to say, publishing will never be the same again.

Two words. “Kick” and “Ass”.

  • sennydreadful

    Ooooo, Dreamweapon. Sounds cool! 😀