Events and appearances 2013

This is my 2013 so far:

I’m editing two books for two different publishers (Hang Wire for Angry Robot, and The Book Formerly Known As Shadow’s Call for Tor), both of which have more or less the same deadline. I’ve got a novel proposal to finish, and a new comic pitch due in early Feb, as well as the last two episodes of The Sentinel for VS Comics to script.

So yeah, busy. Busy but happy!

First, some more catch-up links:

Finally, my 2013 event schedule is firming up. I’ll update the side panel shortly, but in the meantime I’ll be at:

So far that’s it for the year, but probably more than enough travel…

  • Craig Thornton

    Nice to see that you’ll be in Texas later this year.  It’s a 200 mile trip for me (from Waco), but I may try to make it to meet you.