EMPIRE STATE unboxed, linked, advertised and reviewed!

Christmas is coming! If only that meant a holiday for me… unfortunately, this looks like my busiest end of year ever, so it’s just a quick break over the weekend and back into it.

My author copies of Empire State arrived this week. Behold!

And there was much rejoicing! Meanwhile, photos of the book in the wild (mostly Amazon and Waterstones online pre-orders) continue to trickle in, along with the first shot of Empire State in an actual store. While there are still two weeks until the official release, it seems Waterstones have some limited stock on the shelf already.

So if you’re in the UK, chances are you can snag a copy pronto. If you’re in the US, you still have a week to go!

I also managed to pick up the latest issue of SFX magazine – I knew about the 4-star review of Empire State, but I didn’t know about the rather splendid half-page ad on the following page:

Meanwhile, the internet has been busy:

  • Artist and illustrator extraordinaire Joey HiFi made Empire State his pick for holiday reading/gift giving in part 1 of Lauren Beukes’s epic holiday book recommendation blog, while in part 2 I suggested one of my favourite books of 2011, Diana Rowland’s wonderful My Life as a White Trash Zombie.
  • Over at the blog of Forbidden Planet International, Paul Cornell discusses his best-of list for 2011, and gives me a shout-out as a name to watch for 2012. Thanks, Paul!
  • Empire State made two consecutive appearances on SFSignal’s Mind Meld feature: in the first, Justin Landon put the book alongside Zoo City as leading the way in noir science fiction, while in the second, Shaun Duke listed it as a book he’s looking forward to in 2012. I’m in some illustrious company in both articles, so my thanks to Justin and Shaun!
  • Two new reviews: the first from Spoiler Alert! calls Empire State “the written equivalent of crack-cocaine”, although the reviewer was forced to resist awarding 15 out of a possible 10 marks. The second review from Adventures Fantastic is the first to feature a real photograph of one of the characters.

There’s more to come: a New York announcement, a few guest blogs and a couple of interviews, and a couple more reviews. Stay tuned!

  • Joe Gordon

    Hi, Adam,

      Glad you spotted Paul C’s pick in his Best of the Year post – we get a bunch of writers, editors and artists to do daily guest posts through December selecting their faves from the year. By coincidence I was editing his one for the blog and spotted Empire State in there just as I was about to start the copy the Angry Robot crew had kindly chucked my way. Now about halfway through and loving it, top stuff.

      I don’t know if you’ve seen it before but I do an occasional feature called Director’s Commentary, where the creator introduces the book a little then picks some pages or scenes and talks us through them, bit like the commentary on a DVD, so the readers get to hear about the book, see a little of it and get some insight into it from the creator. Started it with comics in mind but it is a loose, flexible format and we’ve used it for art books, animation and prose (Ann and Jeff VanderMeer did one for their recent, massive Weird collection that came out last month), basically a way of letting the creator talk about the work a little in their own words. Suspect our readers would enjoy Empire State and wondered if you fancied trying a Commentary in the New Year?

    You can see some previous examples here – http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/tag/directors-commentary/. All different as I leave choice of scenes and what they want to say up to the creators, it’s their voice we want. If you fancy it and have the time, drop me a line – joe.gordon@forbiddenplanet.co.uk