EMPIRE STATE review, honourable mention, and some links

Here’s a list. I like lists:

  • Still editing Hell Space, which – after an initial round of very heavy cuts (from 106,000 words down to 94,000) – is now cruising back towards 105,000 words. Oddly, when I’m writing something, I aim for 2,000 words a day. Sometimes this is easy and I can write more. Sometimes it’s a struggle. But when I’m editing, it’s less about words and more about getting something done on time. Yesterday I added about 4,000 new words to the manuscript to fix a couple of problems, and didn’t think anything of it. Hmm.
  • Speaking of words, Nanowrimo has started. I don’t take part myself, but my own November routine is to listen to Stephen King reading his memoir/writer’s guide, On Writing. At over eight hours, unabridged, that usually sees me through the month. I recommend it! Seems I reminded Lauren Beukes about it too.
  • I realised the other day that I just missed the one-year anniversary of submitting the first five chapters and synopsis of Empire State to Angry Robot (21st October, 2010). I’m not really one to keep track of such things, but when I mentioned it on Twitter, Eric Lundqvist pointed out that 21st October, 2011, was the date on which Angry Robot made the eARC of Empire State available to reviewers. Well, fancy that!
  • And, appropriately enough given the whole book-deal-via-Twitter-thing, the first review of Empire State has appeared – on Twitter! Brian Lindenmuth (private feed) said: “Empire State by @ghostfinder – an eclectic mix of influences come together winningly in a heady pulp mix. Recommended.” Thanks Brian!
  • Empire State also made Fantasy Faction’s list of books to look for in 2012, where Angry Robot mention that it is their fiftieth published novel. Yay!
  • Out today is the new issue of Focus, the magazine of the British Science Fiction Association, in which you’ll find an article by me about how I was signed by Angry Robot and the role Twitter had to play.
  • Finally, while I’m off to New York to give Empire State a US launch, I’m also planning something for London. More details as I have them!
  • Whoo!  I love it when things line up, calendar-wise. Makes the OCD in me happy. 

    2000 words a day is impressive. I’m one of those 300-500 word per day sort of people, but I’m doing NaNoWriMo as a way to see whether forcing myself to write a lot in a day significantly impacts the actual prose that comes out of it. So far the jury is out!