Empire State linksapalooza

Things have been ramping up a little around here lately, so please to enjoy this handy round-up:

  • As part of Noir Week on Tor.com, you can read an exclusive extract from from Empire State, a full five months prior to publication. Angry Robot pointed the way, and it was also mentioned over at Benito Corral Reviews.
  • At WorldCon in Reno, the Empire State Worldbuilder was announced…
  • …and was covered by The Bookseller today.
  • You can pre-order Empire State here, and you can read some of the early blurbs here. And there are more to come too.
  • If you missed it earlier, my two-part interview with Chuck Wendig is available here and here. As well as talking about writing and how I got my book deal, it also features a brand new short story, Green Eggs and Handguns, which you won’t find anywhere else.
  • I’m also pleased to announce I’ll be at FantasyCon this year. FantasyCon is being held in Brighton from 30th September to 2nd October, and with a bit of luck I might be doing a reading from Empire State. Please come and say hello!
  • Seven Wonders, my superhero novel coming out from Angry Robot at the end of 2012, is now listed on Goodreads, so you can now add it to your bookshelf. You’ll find Empire State‘s listing here.

I’ll be updating the Empire State page with more information about the book soon, along with more details on the Worldbuilder project and how it works. Stay tuned!

I haven’t updated my stats on Night Pictures for a while, mostly because I’ve had a slightly erratic week of writing and the stats have been all over the place. My last update was last Sunday, when I’d reached just over the 30k mark on draft 0. There’s no point breaking down the writing for the week, but taking it up until 12pm today, this is where I’m at:

Project: Night Pictures (missing persons, ghost towns and TV hackers)
Words, Sunday to Friday morning: 9,198
Words total: 40,030/100,000 (40%)
Word to go: 59,970
Days to go: 42

This works out at about 1,533 words a day, which is not great. However, I’m still on schedule to get draft 0 done by the end of September – by the end of today (Friday 19th August) I should have 38,000 words done. I’m 2k ahead of that and I’ve still got an afternoon of work to do, so we’re looking good.

Of course, that’s assuming this is a 100,000-word novel… and y’know, I’m not sure yet…

  • Hey, Adam, we’re just about neck-and-neck at the moment, since draft 2 of The Merchant of Dreams is currently clocking in around 40k. And I’m aiming for an end-of-September (well, in time for FantasyCon) finish as well – race you? 

  • Ha! I might well be up for that… although I’ve got edits on Empire State and from the beta-reading round of Seven Wonders due back in September, so Night Pictures might have to take a little break. But I’ll let you know!

    The other problem is that Night Pictures currently feels like it might be a 200,000 word novel. Which, for the love of all that is saintly, it cannot be! But this is draft 0. Draft 0 is allowed to be weird and long!

  • I have the proofs of Alchemist of Souls to do, so I won’t be able to work on it continuously. Besides, you write faster than me, so you’ll probably win anyway!

    200k! That is a lot. I have no idea how long Merchant of Dreams will be. Longer than this first draft, I can guarantee that!