EMPIRE STATE launch in New York City

Back at my desk after attending the NFL game between the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Wembley, which was very cool indeed. We were supporting the Bears, and they won! More about that later this week.

But, just a quick announcement for today: in January, I’ll be heading back to New York City to give Empire State a “local” launch. It seems too good an opportunity to pass up, given that the whole book is about New York and various versions thereof. I’ll post a full event schedule with dates and details as soon as they are finalised!

Speaking of events, following the event update in the latest issue of SFX, the magazine and SFX Weekender 3 websites have also been updated – click here for the news page, and click here to see the full list of guests so-far announced. The SFX Weekender 3 is going to rock!

  • Is there a signing tour planned for next year?

  • I assume you mean in the UK? There will be a couple of events, probably Manchester and London, but we’re still working out details of those. No actual tour planned, as such.

  • Yeah, sorry I should have specified UK. More specifically London or Essex.

  • Can I carry your bags?

  • Beatrice McCormik