EMPIRE STATE Italian edition

The Italian edition of Empire State, my debut novel, is apparently out in October – at least according to this book trailer that appeared, to my surprise, in my Facebook feed this morning.

The trailer was posted with the accompanying text:

Finalmente esce il libro di Adam Christopher. Grazie ancora a Giovanni per avercelo fatto scoprire, e ad Alessandro per averci ricordato quanto son belli i super eroi 🙂

… which, according to Google, says something like:

Finally, the book comes out of Adam Christopher. Thanks again to John for letting us discover, and to Alexander for reminding us how beautiful are the super heroes 🙂

… and I suspect I may need to get “How Beautiful Are The Super Heroes” printed on a t-shirt at some point.

I haven’t seen the Italian edition, although I have helped out the translator out a little over the past year. But I do have the cover, which looks like this:

Copertina SCRITTE

It’s being published by La Ponga Edizioni, and while I can’t find a page for the book, I do have a little Italian biography here.