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Lots to update today!

  • Empire State now has its own page over at Angry Robot, where you will find some early blurbs for the book. There are more to come, but seeing the first one all together on one page is pretty cool and very surreal. It also reveals that the US edition will be a trade paperback, rather than the usual mass-market paperback. I was pretty buzzed when I heard they were going for a trade, as the artwork is going to look pretty hot at that larger size.
  • Just one day after it was launched, Will Staehle’s fabulous cover is now up at SF Signal as part of their regular Book Cover Smackdown feature. Empire State is up against By Light Alone by Adam Roberts, and A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan. So head on over and make your pick!
  • Empire State‘s cover is also up at The Qwillery, and I’m also happy to announce I’m first up in their 2012 Debut Author Challenge. To take part, you just need to sign up, buy the book when it comes out, read it, and then join the conversation over at The Qwillery. I’ll also be doing an interview and a reader Q&A.
  • The cover is also on display over at Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf & Book Review.
  • My interview with Chuck Wendig (part one, part two) gets a tag over at A Walk in the Dark Woods.

If anyone sees Empire State out and about on the web, please drop me a line!

After one sub-2k day on Night Pictures, I picked back up yesterday and hit the required wordcount. A couple of interesting things cropped up two, including two completely new subplots. I might have a look at my schedule and targets for this book, as I’m starting to think it’s going to be longer than 100,000 words. I tend to write to 120,000 anyway, so 100,000 is really more of a minimum count which makes things easy to track. And tracking is important, as I’ve got some other deadline-sensitive work later this year, so I need to have a pretty solid schedule mapped out.

Project: Night Pictures (missing persons, ghost towns and TV hackers)
Words yesterday: 2,041
Words total: 22,198/100,000 (22%)
Word to go: 77,802
Days to go: 51

  • Ellie

    The cover is grand. I’d pick that up if I saw it on a shelf even if I had no clue who Adam Christopher is.

  • Anonymous

    You write a book in 60 days?

  • That’s 60 days to the first draft, most of which will be horrible – which is why I call it “draft 0” instead. But then it goes in the (virtual) drawer and will sit for a few months, then I’ll take the chainsaw to it at round 2 – this is where the REAL first draft takes shape.

  • Anonymous

    How much time do you spend on round 2 then? How many rounds are there? 🙂

  • I guess it depends on the book – but taking an average of work on Empire State, Seven Wonders, and a couple of other manuscripts, it was probably another month on the rewrite, then one more  to re-edit the rewrite and check everything over. Then the manuscript goes out to beta-readers for a month, then when it comes back, there’s another month to take in their comments and make any more edits.

    What happens after that varies – the amount of further work required when the manuscript comes back from the publisher or my agent differs, but ranges from 1-2 months of work.

    Adding it all up, from start to finish, that looks like 7-8 months for a completed and polished novel. Bearing in mind that it is hard to judge given that those are not 7-8 continuous months. There’s a big gap between draft 0 and draft 1 (during which time I’ll start draft 0 on another project), and then there’s the month when the book is out with beta-readers (and again, I’ll use that time to work on something else).

    But… it’s a job. Like any job with deadlines, people depend on you to get work done by agreed dates. It happens to be the most fun job there can possibly be, but sometimes you need to stick to the schedule and get the words down!

    All of the above is just how it seems to work for me. Every writer is different.