Empire State delivered, more blurbs, and introducing Hell Space

Yesterday I handed in the final, copyedited manuscript of Empire State, and boy, does that feel good. I had about three weeks to take in the revisions, and I needed every day of that (bearing in mind I also hold down a day job, and a week of that was spent in Brighton!).

So there we go. Empire State, delivered. Next step is typeset and proofreading, and I should be able to see a PDF of the finished product pretty soon. The ARCs have also been printed and shipped, I believe!

Rounding off the last couple of weeks, I’ve updated the main Empire State page with three new blurbs!

“From the first explosive rat-a-tat-tat of bullets to the very last twist and turn, Empire State surely cannot be a début novel. Adam Christopher must be playing with us, as this bears all the skill and patience of an experienced master craftsman at work. The fantastical dreams of Verne and Wells mixed with the noir reality of Spillane or Chandler, this is a book that doesn’t play by the rules – and is all the better for it.”

— Tony Lee, Doctor Who comic writer and New York Times Bestselling Author.

“Adam Christopher maintains a punchy, bestseller prose style that keeps the action rocketing along, and protagonists that seem right both in their own setting, and appropriate to what we already recognise as super heroes. Empire State is an excellent, involving read, and it fully deserves to be the start of a new universe.”

— Paul Cornell, writer of Action Comics, Stormwatch and Demon Knights, and Doctor Who scriptwriter

With his debut novel, Adam Christopher creates a dark and gritty world, complete with with Prohibition-era gangsters, Tommy guns, and superheroes. Empire State is a story deeply rooted in noir tradition that hits you in the throat like a sucker punch.”

— Matthew McBride, author of Frank Sinatra in a Blender

With that all done, I took a much needed day off yesterday (the copyediting on Empire State ended with five 16-hour days, so I was a little beat), and today am due to start the edit on The Novel Formerly Known As Ludmila My Love.

Or, as it is now titled, Hell Space.

Hell Space is a horror space opera, with strange stars and ancient evils and forgotten histories. This is a project I’m really excited about, and I’ve given myself plenty of room to work on the edit.

So… time for coffee, and a fresh Word document, and it’s back into the story of Captain Abraham Idaho Cleveland and the U-Star Coast City