Edge Lit 2 schedule

A little site admin: added a new book page for The Burning Dark, and re-organised the main book index with some little teasers…

Tomorrow is Edge Lit 2 at the Quad, Derby. With guests of honour Mike Carey, Tricia Sullivan and Stan Nicholls, it promises to be a fun day of bookish chitchat! Here’s my own schedule of panels:

11am – Cinema Two
New Worlds: Building SF and Fantasy Settings
with Emma Newman, Gaie Sebold, Gavin Smith and Adrian Tchaikovsky
(I’m moderating this one)

2pm – Cinema One
Digital Age: How Has the Internet Changed Writing?
with Andrew Hook, Emma Newman, and Jennifer Williams

9pm – Cinema Two
Looking Back: First Genre Reads
with Gary McMahon, Lou Morgan, and Gavin Smith

See you Saturday!

(Edit: The First Genre Reads panel has been shifted from 8pm to 9pm – for any other updates, check the schedule when you arrive tomorrow!)