My EasterCon 2012 schedule

This year’s EasterCon, Olympus 2012, is just two weeks away, and the full schedule has gone online (read it here). I’m attending the whole weekend from Friday through to Monday, and my scheduled events are:

Friday 6th April, 3pm (Edwardian Room)
Before Watchmen, with James Bacon, Kim Curran, Gaspode and Steve K

DC recently announced their prequels to the classic series of the 1980s, to a mixed fan reaction. Should there be prequels to Watchmen? Are there comic universes which should be left alone, or is there always room to fill in the spaces without detracting from the original work? How much say should the original creator have?

Sunday 8th April, 4.30pm (Royal B+C Room)

Come and hear the first public airing of a bit of Seven Wonders!

Sunday 8th April, 8pm (Room 38… or Room 12)
Death of the Author, with Tanya Brown, Roz Kaveney, Ian Watson and Ian Whates

When fictional worlds take on a life of their own, how do you manage the relationship between canon and fanon? What weight do author pronouncements outside the original texts have? Can you just ignore the bits of canon you don’t like?

Sunday night’s panel is on at the same time as the mass signing for non-Guest of Honour authors, so we’ll see how that goes.

Overall, the programme looks brilliant and a return to form after last year’s event in Birmingham. If you interested in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and everything in between, I recommend coming along. The programme is packed and the guest list extensive. Should be a lot of fun!


I’ll also be taking part in the mass signing session at 9pm on Saturday 7th April, in Room 41. I might have a copy of Empire State with me at my table so people can find me easily, but you’ll need to bring your own, or buy a copy from the Angry Robot sales table, which will be running throughout the convention.