The Devil in Chains PDF eBook

Yesterday, The Devil in Chains, my novella prequel to Dark Heart, came out as a Legends eBook for the iPhone/iPod touch. It’s available worldwide, and costs US$2.99 or £1.79, and if you click here you’ll be taken to iTunes where you can buy your very own copy.

For those without iPhones/iPod touches, fear not, because from today you can download a PDF version from this very blog! A PDF is a PDF is a PDF, so you can view this on nearly every device imaginable. You could even print it out, if you felt so inclined!

And the cost? Well, here’s the deal. Download it from here for free. Nothing at all. Read it, and if you like it, buy a copy (yep, buy a copy) for £1.79 (or whatever your PayPal currency is) with this handy wee donation button. Viola!

So why buy something that you can download and enjoy for free? Well, it’s easy – if you download it, and like it, show your support and express your opinion by clicking the PayPal button. I worked hard on that story, it took a while to get right, so by supporting me, I’ll be able to write some more like it. And by downloading it for free, feel free to share it with friends, tell everyone, blog it, Twitter it, whatever. And then if your friends like it, they can come here and buy a copy for themselves.

Be a patron of the arts, support good writing, and enjoy The Devil in Chains!