DC | The New 52 | Week 4

Running behind a little with my comics, thanks to FantasyCon last weekend. I’m still contemplating a post about that event, but in the meantime you can read a round-up of reports here.

Last week saw the final 13 books from DC Comics as part of the New 52. Obviously there will be more titles coming in the future, and this week sees the start of two 6-issue limited series (The Huntress and The Penguin: Pain and Prejudice). But in the meantime, that’s our lot.

So, another set of recommendations for good reads. You won’t go wrong with:

Aquaman, The Flash, I, Vampire, The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men, Teen Titans.

Of those, I, Vampire was the real surprise – in fact, although I’ve made such a claim each week, I think this might be my favourite new book. It’s sophisticated, and beautifully paced, and is quite brilliant. It was one of those books that was really an unknown quantity and I’m very pleased to a comic like this as part of the new line-up.

Today the first set of second issues comes out. I’m still picking my pull-list, but I do have until 7pm tonight to decide!