DC | The New 52 | Week 3

This week saw twelve new first issues from DC Comics – one short of the magic thirteen thanks to Justice League #1 coming out on its own in week 0. So once again – no reviews, no rankings, no ratings, just a list of recommendations for those who want to take a look without grabbing the whole shebang.

My recommendations for week 3 are:

Batman, Birds of Prey, Captain Atom, DC Universe Presents, Nightwing, and Supergirl.

Of those six, Batman and Nightwing are absolutely essential – brilliant art, brilliant writing, and actually brilliant lettering as well. I’d go so far as to suggest that Nightwing is my favourite of the 39 comics so far released, with Batman and Supergirl not too far behind.

This week saw the release of two of my most anticipated comics – Catwoman and Wonder Woman. Catwoman is my second favourite character, after Hawkgirl, and I’m not sure what I expected or wanted out of the first issue of this new series. As a fan of the Brubaker/Cooke run back in 2002, it’s safe to say that this new interpretation is very different.

Wonder Woman is being written by one of my favourite writers, Brian Azzarello, and while I enjoyed the first issue, I also thought it was the most inaccessible comic ever. I’m not actually sure that is a bad thing, and there is nothing wrong with a comic that makes you work for it a little, but under my entirely arbitrary rules for recommendation – to provide a selection of the week’s new titles that I would guarantee to be a good read for those who are new to comics, or unfamiliar with them, or who can’t or don’t want to get all twelve new issues – I just can’t add Wonder Woman to this week’s list.

Next week is the last of the new 52, and out of the thirteen books contains quite a few that I’ve been looking forward to for some time including The Savage Hawkman – dare I hope that Hawkgirl will feature?

  • BrandonS.

    I myself (suprisingly) enjoyed the catwomen comic. Sure, sex might the selling point (at least in the first issue) but I still see a very strong, sexy and empowered catwoman who can sure as hell fight like no one’s buisness. All a matter of taste. other comics I enjoyed are also the new nightwing, suicide squad, and red hood and the outlaws (albeit on a guilty pleasure level).

  • BrandonS.

    I’m sorry, it was supposed to be “Sure, sex might BE the selling point”. A nice little case of brain fart (At exactly 2:12 in the morning over here in the US).