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  • Lou

    Hi, I love reading your books–started with Empire State, and picked up The Burning Dark just today. I’m sorry that Angry Robot used the wrong last name for Ted on the back cover of the US edition of the book (don’t know if the UK edition had the same mistake. I had a question about one line in Hang Wire that caught my attention, which probably went over the heads of almost everyone. In Chapter XI, second paragraph (page 122 in US Edition), was the comment about super-intelligent tigers a reference to the Jack Kirby DC comic Kamandi? That immediately popped into my head when I first read it.
    BTW, you are one of the few authors that I will pick up any new books written by without any hesitation…other authors in that list include Adam Roberts, Alistair Reynolds, Peter Hamilton, and the late Iain Banks.

  • Adam Christopher

    Thanks Lou! Very glad you are enjoying the books. And yes, that is a little Kamandi reference 😉

  • Mike_wilson

    Adam, just finished the ebook version of Burning Dark and I loved it!
    Is there any way to buy a signed copy?
    Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Adam Christopher

    I just emailed you!

  • Tim D

    I had just started “The Burning Dark”, when I stumbled on a short video in Vimeo ( )
    after reading a few more chapters, the hair went up on my neck.
    Halfway through now, enjoying the chills.