Competition time!

Over on Twitter, I’m cruising towards 3,000 followers, so to mark this milestone I’m giving away two signed copies of Empire State!

The first is to lucky follower #3,000, and the second is going to be given away on this here website. I’ll work out how when the time comes – I suspect I can use some fancy competition widget/plugin thing.

Anyway, it’s just a bit of fun – reaching 3,000 Twitter followers doesn’t have any particular significance, other than being a nice round number, but seeing as a] my career sort of started on there in the first place and b] it’s almost exactly a year since my signing to Angry Robot was announced, I thought I would mark the occassion.

In other news, another review of Empire State has cropped up, this time from the British Fantasy Society. David Brzeski says:

[Christopher is] an author with a talent for evoking a sense of unease and paranoia equal to that of Philip K. Dick… It’s difficult to believe a work as accomplished as this is the author’s first novel. It certainly won’t be his last and I will definitely be along for the ride.

… which is pretty gosh-darned cool! Thanks David!

  • Andrez Bergen

    Great feedback, Christopher – and deserved!