COLD WAR now available at!

Slowly getting back into the blog after a couple of crazy weeks.

Yesterday, I made my fiction debut with a novelette! Cold War, as I’ve mentioned before, is a standalone episode set in the same universe as my forthcoming dark space opera, The Burning Dark, and features an amazing illustration by Victor Mosquerra (seriously, you should see it in high res, it’s incredible).


“Dropped on a frozen planet under suspicious circumstances, a group of marines struggles to discover the true objective of their mission.”

Cold War reminds me that The Burning Dark is – as of yesterday – just one month away from publication. Eep! The pre-order contest is still running too – all you need to do is send me your order receipt for The Burning Dark, or Hang Wire, or both, and you’ll go into the draw to win a pack of 13 signed books. More details can be found at this link.

And if you can make it to the Forbidden Planet megastore in London next Thursday (March 6th) at 6pm, you’ll be able to grab a copy of the UK Titan edition of The Burning Dark nearly three weeks before the official release! There will also be fancy drinks (wild strawberry liqueur, anyone?) and prizes hidden inside fortune cookies! Also on that night we’ll be launching the limited edition hardcover of Hang Wire, with variant colour cover! If you can’t make it, you’ll find order links for signed copies of The Burning Dark, Hang Wire, and the Hang Wire hardcover here.