Christmas cheer and a Christmas scare

I love Christmas. Really. And a Christmas in winter (as opposed to in summer back in New Zealand) is still a novelty, and a pretty cool one at that (literally, I guess!). I think I’ve mentioned that before, maybe more than once, so moving on…

A couple o’ cool things. Yesterday I was hiding behind door number 19 of the Angry Robot Advent Calendar, where I talk about my continuing transition – or attempted transition, anyway – towards a digital library. I’ve been following the Advent Calendar daily now and it’s a great pleasure to be included alongside entries by some great authors. And of course, the one day I neglected to check, my entry popped up!

Secondly, tomorrow is the shortest day/longest night in the Northern Hemisphere (or as I prefer to call it, the Blackest Night!). It’s also National Short Story Day in the UK, and it’s just a hair’s breadth from Christmas (and even closer to Festivus, of course).

To mark this accumulation of events I’ve got a Christmassy ghost story coming out tomorrow on this very actual blog for your listening pleasure. It’s just a wee flash, and it’s read by the wonderful Emma Newman. Emma has also read something rather longer for me, which is coming soonish to another site. But more on that when I’m allowed to talk about it. You ain’t seen me, right?

Until tomorrow then!