Chicago versus the Seven Wonders

I’m in Chicago, a fact which I can prove later once I’ve got a US SIM card in my phone and can post photos. But while I was travelling yesterday, Seven Wonders came out in paperback in the US/ROW, and as an ebook and audiobook worldwide (including the UK). Yay! And also: Eeep! You can find order links, blurbs, etc, here.

To mark the release date, over at Benito Corral Reviews you’ll find an interview with me, and a review of the book, in which he says:

I firmly believe that Christopher has written the standard against which other superhero novels will be held… The author’s love for the genre is stamped on each page and he has even left room for a sequel (or better yet, sequels!) as any good superhero adventurer should. YES, believe all the hype, run to your favorite bookstore or click your favorite link and buy this book!


Speaking of reviews, one for Empire State cropped up the other day, notable in that it is from a New Zealand blogger, Cat, who gave it 4/5 and said it was a “fresh and enjoyable read.”


Now, the search for pancakes and bacon continues…