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Say hello to THE SHIELD, coming from Dark Circle Comics in 2015!

TheShieldYou may have seen last week (also here, here, here, and hereArchie announcing that their superhero imprint, Red Circle, was rebranding as Dark Circle, with a slate of new titles and creatives teams ready to rejuvenate one of the oldest superhero universes.

Well, as USA Today has unveiled, I’m delighted to say that the secret comic project I’ve been working on with Chuck Wendig is part of Dark Circle – we are writing The Shield, with art by Wilfredo Torres, colours by Kelly Fitzpatrick.

And just take a look at that design – she’s amazing. She looks like a real woman.

She looks like she will kick your ass.

More to come over the next days and weeks, of course. The first issue of The Shield will drop from Dark Circle in early 2015. In the meantime, Chuck and I have a comic-related tumblr, and you can also follow Chuck on Twitter (which you should be doing already!) – he’s also given his thoughts on the project over at his blog. You can also find Archie Comics and Dark Circle on Twitter too.

So, it’s been a long time coming… but damn, I’m excited. Roll on 2015!