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THE AGE ATOMIC: Teaser 2 and extract


THE AGE ATOMIC pre-order link extravaganza!

{Links updated 26 March 2013}

Tomorrow we hit March, and in March I have a book out in the US! That book is The Age Atomic – which Kirkus lists as a science fiction highlight of the month – and it’s out on March 26th. The UK release is the week after, on April 4th.

If you’re not careful, Adam Christopher will melt your face off with The Age Atomic: The heat of the prose pairs with searing action. This is fireball storytelling and a rare follow-up that’s better than its predecessor.

— Chuck Wendig, author of Blackbirds, Mockingbird and The Blue Blazes

So here’s a bunch of pre-order links for the various editions!

Limited edition, numbered (/100), signed hardcover

Forbidden Planet

UK edition (paperback)

Forbidden Planet (signed copy) | Waterstones | The Book Depository | Blackwell’s | WH Smith

US edition (paperback) | Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository | IndieBound | Powell’s | Random House


Kindle (US) | Kindle (UK)Barnes & Noble Nook | Robot Trading Company

And don’t forget, on Thursday, April 4th, I’ll be launching The Age Atomic at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London, where you’ll be able to get the limited edition hardcover of both The Age Atomic and Empire State, which is being re-released with a new variant cover and some bonus features. More details on that later.

Tomorrow I’m off to the Sci-Fi Weekender… but I’ll also start posting a series of teasers for The Age Atomic here and around the web. Check back tomorrow for a sneak-peak!


THE SENTINEL sneaky peak, THE AGE ATOMIC ARCs, and LitReactor’s Sci-Fi Writing Challenge

As most will know, I’m a fan of comics, so it’s possibly no surprise that writing my comic debut, The Sentinel, is a whole bunch of fun. Over at Hot Key Books, I talk a bit about the experience, and finally we get to share some art by Nadine Ashworth, who is officially on board! Working with her and my editor Ned has been a delight, and my inbox is constantly full of surprises as new pages and sketches arrive.

This comic writing thing is super cool. I could get used to it.

In other news, ARCs of The Age Atomic have arrived in the US, and they look, well, hot is the only way to describe them (aside from green, of course):

Photo courtesy of Mike Underwood.

Of course, if ARCs exist (and eARCs are also up on Netgalley) then people are going to start reading the book soon.


Three books in and it doesn’t get any less scary…

Finally, LitReactor is having a sci-fi writing challenge! The rules are straightforward and  can be found on their site, but basically you can submit a 1,500 – 4,000 word short story, which is then graded by other readers. The top-marked stories will then be read and critiqued by myself, Chuck Wendig, Kat Howard and Joseph Nassise. This is going to be lots of fun, and I’m looking forward to reading the winning entries!


Launching THE AGE ATOMIC at Forbidden Planet! Limited edition hardcovers… including EMPIRE STATE!

My forthcoming sequel to Empire State, The Age Atomic, is out on April 4th, and to mark the occassion we’re launching it at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore, where I’ll be doing a reading, having a little chat, and signing books. The event is on Thursday 4th April, 2013, 6.00 – 7.00pm. A Facebook event page will be up shortly.

I’m also pleased to announce that The Age Atomic will be available in a lovely limited edition hardback! These will be signed and numbered and there will only be 100, exclusive to Forbidden Planet.

And not only that… I’m beyond pleased and heading towards utterly chuffed when I can say that Empire State, my debut from January 2012, is getting a re-release at the event, also as a limited edition hardcover! Wrapped in a brand new cover by Will Staehle, and featuring some new bonus content, there are only going to be 100 of these too.

I’ll be posting more about this as we get closer to the launch – and revealing the new Empire State cover – but in the meantime, head over to Angry Robot for the low-down on this event and some other fabulous launches happening, and over to Forbidden Planet, where you’ll find the pre-order links for The Age Atomic (Empire State coming soon).

Roll on April 🙂

THE AGE ATOMIC: Happy 100th birthday to Grand Central and the Apollo Theater!

The action of The Age Atomic, the sequel to Empire State, is once again split between New York City and the Pocket universe. Two main locations in the story turn 100 years old in our own reality this year.

The first is the monumental Grand Central Terminal, which was opened in February, 1913. This building is staggering in its size and beauty, and is one of my favourite Manhattan landmarks.

The other is other is Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater on 125th Street, which opened for business in April 1913.

In The Age Atomic, what we actually see are the Empire State reflections of these landmarks – Grand Central is empty and unfinished (there is nowhere for any trains to go, after all); meanwhile, the disused Apollo is the lair of a strange old man with penchant for jazz and robots, while the Tree of Hope is alive and well and growing into the fabric of the building…

For more information on the real-life Grand Central Terminal and the Apollo Theater, I’d recommend heading over to The Bowery Boys, whose excellent New York City history podcast is a firm favourite of mine.

SEVEN WONDERS reviews and best cover polls and an update on THE SENTINEL

But first… my two 2013 novels, The Age Atomic and Hang Wire, have appeared in a list of most anticipated fantasy novels for 2013 over at Reddit, alongside some very fine books indeed. Woot! The Age Atomic is out in April 2013 – you can find pre-order links here.

Seven Wonders has been getting a bit of love recently with two new reviews. At SFFWRTCHT, M.A. Chiappetta says:

Seven Wonders is a fun read. The setting is entirely believable for a story with superheroes in it, and the book contains the unique tone and flavor fitting for a comic-influenced story line. For readers who like their novels to move fast with unexpected plot turns, Seven Wonders should be worth the investment.

There’s also another Italian review over at The Plutonia Experiment – Google’s English translator tells me they said:

Adam Christopher wrote what could be considered the perfect novel of superheroes.


Will Staehle’s amazing cover for Seven Wonders has made it through to the second round of The Ranting Dragon’s Cover Battle 2012, although it’s up against some stiff competition. You can vote for your favourite here. The cover is also included in the “Most Unique Cover” category of the All Things Urban Fantasy 2012 Paranormal Cover Art Awards. Voting for that is also still open.

Finally, a quick update on my comic debut, The Sentinel. Originally scheduled for the first issue of VS Comics, due out around Christmas, it’s been pushed back until at least February 2013. I’ll keep you updated on progress. You can find VS Comics here, where previews of the first issue are already up.

New interview with I Want To Be A Book and SFFWRTCHT transcript

Still editing – The Age Atomic is in the final batch of edits prior to be sent to the copyedit, and I need to hand that in next week. Once that’s done, it’s onto the next book… in fact, I’m going to be editing until June 2013, so from now on just consider my default state to be “editing” and I can cut straight to the chase.

So this week, two interviews, of sorts. A couple of weeks ago I was on the VS Comics panel at Thought Bubble, where VS Comics was launched and I talked a little about my ongoing Prohibition crime urban fantasy, The Sentinel, which is about a dead policeman, an Egyptian god of vengeance, and a secret cult of magicians who worship the New York subway system. You can see some photos from the panel here. Afterwards, I did an interview for I Want To Be A Book, which contains one or two snippets of info about The Sentinel and the two books coming out after The Age AtomicHang Wire (Angry Robot, November 2013) and Shadow’s Call (Tor, winter 2014). It’s also a good moment to mention that Shadow’s Call is going to be retitled, just as soon as I/my agent/my editor can figure out what to call it!

Also last week, I took part in #sffwrtcht, a 1-hour Twitter interview/discussion, hosted by Bryan Thomas Schmidt. A properly written-up interview will appear online soon, but in the meantime a transcript of the interview is up here. I had a blast doing it, and I look forward to making a return appearance.

Finally, The Age Atomic is starting to appear in various places for pre-order – there is a list of links here, and you can find the book on Goodreads here, if you are so inclined.

[Edit] Bonus blog content!

Someone just pointed me to a nice review of Seven Wonders that I’d missed – you can check it out over at The Oracular Beard.


THE AGE ATOMIC cover, VS Comics launch, and interview round-up

As it happens I’m the last person on the internet to post it, but here’s the gloriously green cover for my next novel, The Age Atomic, due out from Angry Robot in April 2013. Behold, and be-click for a bigger version!

Pre-order links, etc, will go up shortly. I’ve taken so long to post the cover because I’m still editing the book, which is due in next week. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, which also means I’ve missed this lot of interviews and podcasts (thanks to Angry Robot for collating):

This weekend sees the wonderful Thought Bubble comic con take place in Leeds – unfortunately I’m going to miss all of it except the launch of VS Comics on Sunday 18th November, 2.10 – 3.00 pm, Alea Cinema Room. According to the blurb:

James Moran & Mike Garley introduce their new monthly, creator-owned, all-genre initiative VS comics! They’ll be previewing some of the stories, along with contributors Ned Hartley, Patrick Walsh, Martin Simmonds, Nich Angell, & Adam Christopher.

The panel also features previews from stories by other VS creators, Q&As & details on how new & established creators can join the VS team, for us to feed off like sexy vampires*.

*Caution: Panel may** include sexy vampires!

** But probably won’t.

There are some bits and bobs of my comic debut, The Sentinel, which we’ll be showing, and I might be tempted to throw out a spoiler or two about the story. Ticket information is available here. Do come and say hello!

And finally, speaking of VS Comics, the website is now live. You can also find them on Facebook.



New podcast interviews with SF Signal and The Roundtable Podcast

So, that was a fun week. Went to London Friday before last to see William Shatner at Star Trek London, which was fun (and I got my photo with him!), then came down with what I thought was food poisoning on the Saturday night. After an extra day at the hotel, we managed to drive back home, and after starting to feel better I started to feel worse. Much worse. In fact, bad enough to go to hospital, where I experienced all the wonders of IV morphine and saline drips.

So yeah, fun.

I’m back home now and recovering, and I’ve got the edits back on The Age Atomic from my agent. I’m not entirely sure my brainpower is quite up to tackling them just yet, but the 150,000 word monster manuscript is now down to 90,000 (although this will creep back up with new material), and while there is a tonne of work required, it’s a much stronger, more streamlined novel.

This is why we have editors (and agents who edit). I can’t emphasise the importance of this enough. Everything needs to be edited, and edited, and edited, and edited!

Anyway. I shall poke around the manuscript for a couple of days until I can actually start doing some work on it.

While I was enjoying the (actually quite impressive) care of the NHS, a couple of podcast interviews with me popped up. Back in August I was interviewed at WorldCon by the Hugo award-winning podcast SF Signal (one of my favourites), and you can listen to that here. I haven’t heard it back yet myself, but as I recall we  talk about pancakes quite a lot. Pancakes (and breakfast in general) was a major theme of my trip to Chicago!

Also online is a 20-minute interview with The Roundtable Podcast. These guys are fantastic and I had shut a great time recording with them – along with this interview, a longer podcast will go online in a couple of week, in which I discuss a story being written by another author, and the four of us bat ideas around to try and help get things moving. It was the most fun ever, and I’m looking forward to that going up.

And now tea and a lie down…