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THE AGE ATOMIC in The Financial Times, Reddit AMA, and Creative Industries Trafford panel discussion

Lots of links this week!

  • Last Thursday I took part in an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) over at Reddit. It was a lot of fun answering questions, and if you jump over to the thread you can find out some more about my writing, future projects, the comicbook character I most want to write for, and who my fantasy casting for Jennifer Jones and Evelyn McHale from The Age Atomic are… among other things!
  • The Age Atomic was reviewed in Saturday’s Financial Times – you can read the full review online here, or click here for a photo of how it appeared in the print newspaper on page 10 of the Life & Arts section – who said, with reference to the first book, Empire State:

The first novel revelled in 1930s noir movies and pulp fiction. This one – a worthy successor – touches on the Red Menace paranoia of the dawn of the nuclear era but has the same jazzy plotting and anything-goes attitude that made Empire State such an unalloyed pleasure.

  • Paper Mages gave The Age Atomic a rather enthusiastic review, saying that I have:

… joined a list in the back of my mind of authors who reliably deliver book on book with the same quality and power of the very first, I trust him with my future reading and I think you’ll find yourself doing the same.

  • Finally today, Ellie Ann has made a video review of the book, which pretty much blew me away. You can watch the review here, and you’ll also find some brief answers to a couple of questions she sent me.

Tomorrow evening I’m appearing as part of a panel discussion entitled The Future is Unwritten: E-books vs. Print (spot the obvious problem) hosted by Creative Industries Trafford. The event kicks off at 6.00pm at the Waterside Arts Centre, 1 Waterside Plaze, Sale, M33 7ZF. It’s free to attend, but you have to book a place – click here for more information and tickets.

THE AGE ATOMIC: New reviews, interview, and a book giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who came to the UK launch of The Age Atomic last Thursday night at Forbidden Planet – I really appreciated it, particularly considering the snow, and the fact that the Central Line decided to pack up about an hour beforehand. I’ll post some photos later this week, but it was fun! The limited edition hardcovers of The Age Atomic and Empire State are gorgeous – if you snagged one, make sure you take off the dust jacket and check out the foiled spine!

Some new reviews of The Age Atomic have popped up:

 Christopher provides a fast-paced novel which juggles high stakes and personal quests with great aplomb
A wonderful novel, The Age Atomic proves that Adam Christopher can write sequels just as well as anyone. The most fun read of 2013 so far, and one of the best.

The Age Atomic is a glorious and joyous ode to the pulp science fiction of old. Awesome fun, from start to finish, just straight up, pure entertainment.

There’s also a new interview with me up at My Bookish Ways, where I talk about The Age Atomic, my writing process, and my favourite books. They are also hosting a giveaway for both The Age Atomic and Empire State – you have two days left to enter, and it is open to residents of the US, Canada and Europe. Full details after the interview!

New UK release: THE AGE ATOMIC!

And…. The Age Atomic is officially released in the UK today! Featuring Private Detective Rad Bradley, Special Agent Jennifer Jones, a bunch of robots and a nefarious plot to destroy two worlds:

It’s out in paperback, which you’ll be able to find at the usual places, including:

Forbidden Planet (signed copy) | | Waterstones | The Book Depository | Blackwell’s | WH Smith

It’s also out as a limited edition (/100), signed hardcover, exclusive to Forbidden Planet. You can order that here, or come along to the launch tonight (Thursday 4th April, 6pm), where I’ll be doing a reading and signing. Paperbacks will also be available.

Also out today is the limited edition (/100), signed hardcover of Empire State, once again exclusive to Forbidden Planet and featuring a new cover and some new bonus material. The order link for that is here, but again, it’ll also be available tonight.

People after the ebook or US editions should follow this link.

See you tonight!

THE AGE ATOMIC on The Big Idea, and new interview with Chuck Wendig

Some more release-week links:

Just a wee note on the UK Kindle edition of The Age Atomic – I’ve had a few people tell me they can’t find it on This is because Amazon have my name backwards on the paperback edition, which means that listing isn’t automatically linking to my Amazon author page or any of my other books, and crucially, to the Kindle edition of The Age Atomic.

Angry Robot are trying to get it sorted, but in the meantime the direct link to the UK Kindle edition is here. A full list of order links (in other formats and from other sellers) can be found here.


Have a good Easter everyone! I’m not at EasterCon this year, but I hope to see some of you at Forbidden Planet next Thursday!

EMPIRE STATE limited edition hardback variant cover

Alongside the UK release of The Age Atomic next week comes a limited (/100), signed, hardback edition of Empire State, exclusive to Forbidden Planet. This collector’s edition includes some new bonus material, and a brand new variant cover by Will Staehle (click to enlarge!):

You can snag yourself a copy of the limited edition Empire State – along with the limited edition hardbacks of both The Age Atomic and (if they have any left) Seven Wonders – at the book launch next Thursday, April 4th, at the Forbidden Planet megastore in London. Details of the event are here and there’s a Facebook event page here. Things kick off at 6pm, when I’ll do a reading, followed by a Q&A and then signing. The regular paperback editions of all three books will also be on sale.

If you can’t get to the event, you can order a limited hardback of The Age Atomic and/or Empire State (or a signed paperback of The Age Atomic) direct from Forbidden Planet by following this link. They ship worldwide!

THE AGE ATOMIC hits the US in paperback and in ebook worldwide!

Today is the first P-day for The Age Atomic – if you’re in the US, you can pick up the paperback from the usual spots! If you prefer it in ebook, you can buy it in all territories from today in all the major formats – including as a DRM-free ePub from the Robot Trading Company. You’ll find an updated list of order links here. UK readers who are after a print copy will need to wait until Thursday April 4th… although rumour has it that have stock and are shipping already.

Publication weeks are always busy ones, so here’s a link round-up:

…a blast for sci-fi fans… Christopher has let his imagination run wild, with some fantastic results.

You’ve got political intrigue, super heroes and villains, and a cracking good mystery. What’s not to like?

This is a must read for fans of superhero and sci-fi fiction.

And… rest!

There’s plenty more to come this week and next – including the reveal of the Empire State variant cover for Forbidden Planet’s exclusive limited edition hardback – so stay tuned. Don’t forget the UK launch of The Age Atomic is being held at the Forbidden Planet London megastore on Thursday 4th April at 6pm, where you’ll be able to snag the limited edition hardcover. If you can’t make it, you can still order the hardcover of The Age Atomic here, and the link for the hardcover Empire State will be up shortly.


“A blast for sci-fi fans” – CNN on THE AGE ATOMIC

The Age Atomic is out in the US tomorrow in paperback, and worldwide in ebook – here’s your handy collection of pre-order links! I’ve also heard that are already dispatching copies, despite the UK release not being for another 10 days or so.

And on this publication eve, the book is reviewed by none other than CNN, who say that The Age Atomic is:

…a blast for sci-fi fans… Christopher has let his imagination run wild, with some fantastic results.

Following the review, you’ll find an interview with me, where I (finally!) reveal that the new title for my forthcoming novel from Tor is: The Burning Dark.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to pick myself up off the floor and get on with some serious Snoopy dancing, because a] CNN and b] OMG.


THE AGE ATOMIC – one week to go!

The Age Atomic is out in exactly one week in paperback in the United States, and in ebook worldwide. Wow, that came around pretty quickly.

So, your handy collection of pre-order links can be found here. As the old saying goes, buy early, and buy often! UK readers, the paperback hits Thursday, April 4th – which is the same day as the launch at Forbidden Planet, where you’ll be able to pick up their exclusive, limited hardback editions of both The Age Atomic and Empire State. You can find details of the launch here.

Meanwhile, the official Waterstones blog has declared that myself and fellow author James Smythe are the future of science fiction. Which kinda makes me feel dizzy. You can read their blog here.

I’ve known James for a while, and in fact blurbed his excellent novels The Testimony and The Explorer. James’s new book, The Machine, is out just a week after The Age Atomic, and I’m looking forward to it immensely.

You can follow James on Twitter here, and you’ll find his blog here.

Finally, a new review of Seven Wonders from the Italian blog, Space of Entropy, who say that:

…human nature is the true core of the novel, and in exploring it Mr. Christopher does a marvelous job.

It’s actually an excellent review and worth a read. My thanks to Marina for that!

Five more teasers for The Age Atomic to come. Stay tuned!

New interview! New review! THE AGE ATOMIC teaser 5!

It’s Friday! Have some links:

While the ideas behind this series show that Adam is imaginative and bright, it’s the writing that keeps you enthralled.  I couldn’t  tell you the amount of evenings where I lost track of time reading this book – it’s that good.

  • The Facebook event page for The Age Atomic launch is now up – in just three weeks or so I’ll be reading from the book at the Forbidden Planet megastore in London, where you’ll be able to grab one of 100 limited-edition hardcovers of both The Age Atomic and Empire State. Regular paperbacks will be available too, of course.

I’ll leave you today with teaser #5:

{previous teasers}

Pre-order The Age Atomic.

Come to the official launch at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, London, Thursday April 4th, 2013.

THE AGE ATOMIC: New (first!) review, new teasers

Deep in the edit for Hang Wire now. The book exists as a first draft, but there’s stuff missing, so I’ve outlined the new material and have about 26,000 words to add in 13 new sections this month.

In the meantime, the first review of The Age Atomic has appeared online, over at The Traveller’s Steampunk Blog, where they give it a 10/10 and say:

The Age Atomic is another masterful tale by Adam Christopher. An action-packed noir Atompunk tale with more layers, facettes and twists than one would expect and which keeps the reader enthralled from the first to the last page. Highly recommended reading!

Naturally, I’m over the moon! Thanks so much! Atompunk? I’ll take that!

The teasers for The Age Atomic are also starting to go up around the web – teaser #3 was hosted by Jennifer Williams, and teaser #4 by Every Read Thing. You can find a full index here, which I’ll keep up to date. Stay tuned for a new one tomorrow!