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Writerly update, Morley Lit Festival, and more SEVEN WONDERS reviews

And I’m back from FantasyCon, which was three super-duper days hanging out with my favourite people talking about books. I apologise for the brevity of my convention report, but when you’re on a deadline like I am, such things tend to fall by the wayside. But it was good times, trust me.

I’m still on deadline for The Age Atomic, which means I’m back in the word bunker for this month. And then after that is handed in I need to work on Shadow’s Call for Tor… which means, I suspect, another lockdown. But it’s all worth it, in the end. It’s just a rather busy last quarter of the year.

A reminder for this coming Saturday, where I’ll be appearing on the Science Fiction and Superheroes panel as part of the Morley Literature Festival, alongside Samit Basu, David Hine, and Justina Robson. Steve Morris (perhaps better known as the drummer from Joy Division and New Order) is looking forward to seeing us, which I think deserves a What In The Actual Heck (Joy Division being a favourite band of mine), and event curator Mark Johnson gives us the big ups in the Give Me Comics Or Give Me Death podcast, which you can listen to here.

The panel is this Saturday at 2pm at the Morley town hall. Tickets are £4, and full details can be found here, and after the panel there will be a book signing. I hope to see you there!

Seven Wonders reviews continue to come in-

At The Founding Fields, Shadowhawk gives the book 9.5 out of 10 and says:

Adam Christopher has struck gold, again. If any SF novel this year deserves a sequel, it’s Seven Wonders!

The Fiction Stroker gives Seven Wonders four strokes out of five and says:

A love letter to comics… Seven Wonders is another thrilling roller-coaster ride from an author who is quickly becoming a master of multi-genre adventure.

Philip Norris says:

Seven Wonders ticks all the right boxes, it is a thrilling rollercoaster ride where the reader feels the wind in their hair, and their cape flapping behind them.

At I Will Read Books, Erik Lundqvist says:

…[T]he atmosphere, and the world building, is spot on… Adam Christopher has once again brought something new to a old genre.

And a little bonus, The Fiction Stroker also reviewed my debut novel, Empire State, giving it four strokes out of five and saying it is:

…An immersing, entertaining and atmospheric journey into another world.

Back to the editing, and see you on Saturday in Leeds!

Quick update: EMPIRE STATE Italian edition and Waterstones in-store appearance

Editing editing editing The Age Atomic. Phew!

I’m pleased to announce that La Ponga Edizione will be publishing the Italian edition of Empire State, my debut novel. I’m not sure what the title translates to exactly – something like Stato Imperio, perhaps – but I’ll post more information when I have it. The book will be released in Italy in November/December this year, and I’ve been helping the translator with a few bits and bobs. Exciting!

This Saturday I’ll be at the Macclesfield Waterstones, signing Seven Wonders and generally hanging around. It’s a small branch but close to Manchester (on the fast train too), and I’m looking forward to it as that used to be “my” store when I lived in Macclesfield. Both Empire State and Seven Wonders were written literally just down the road, and a couple of days a week I’d walk up into town to browse the store, then grab a coffee and go home to write. Little did I know that a couple of years later I’d be having my own event in that very store! The staff there are also hugely supportive – you can follow them on Twitter at @waterstonesmacc.

So, if you’re around, pop along and say hello. I’ll be there from 11am to 2pm. Details are up on the Waterstones website and at Angry Robot.

While I was gone: SEVEN WONDERS reviews, interviews, and more!

So, that was WorldCon and that was Chicago. I’m still composing my post-convention blog post and sorting photos, but in the meantime you can read what various people thought here, here, here and here.

While I was away, a whole bunch of things appeared online, so here goes:

  • Seven Wonders was reviewed in The Guardian, which said the book “…is an artfully plotted and thrilling action-adventure with some satisfying set-piece confrontations and amazingly rounded characterisation.”
  • Over at Benito Corral Reviews, Seven Wonders is described as “…a big, colorful joy to read and it shows that it was also a joy to write. The author’s love for the genre is stamped on each page.” Benito also interviewed me, which you can read here.
  • At Beauty in Ruins, Bob Milne says Seven Wonders is “…not the first comic book novel I’ve read, but certainly one of the strongest.” Bob also interviewed me, and you can read that here.
  • And over at The Eloquent Page, they say Seven Wonders “…is an utterly absorbing read… The story is so good and the characters so well observed that they scream out for some sort of visual development.” Hey, wouldn’t that be nice?
  • At John Scalzi’s The Big Idea, I talk about the genesis of Seven Wonders and why I decided it was the right time to tell this particular tale.
  • And over at Mary Robinette Kowal’s My Favorite Bit, I talk about the fun I had creating San Ventura, California, and the superhero-filled world of the novel.

Finally, we had the UK launch of Seven Wonders last Thursday night, where I signed a very large number of books, including the limited edition hardcover, exclusive to Forbidden Planet (there are still a handful left, which you can order here – any remaining stock will be taken to FantasyCon in Brighton, which I’ll be at too). You can see a photo from the night over at Angry Robot, and Adrian Faulkner very kindly blogged about the launch over at his site. I’ll post some photos as soon as I’ve cleared out the WorldCon stuff.



Chicago versus the Seven Wonders

I’m in Chicago, a fact which I can prove later once I’ve got a US SIM card in my phone and can post photos. But while I was travelling yesterday, Seven Wonders came out in paperback in the US/ROW, and as an ebook and audiobook worldwide (including the UK). Yay! And also: Eeep! You can find order links, blurbs, etc, here.

To mark the release date, over at Benito Corral Reviews you’ll find an interview with me, and a review of the book, in which he says:

I firmly believe that Christopher has written the standard against which other superhero novels will be held… The author’s love for the genre is stamped on each page and he has even left room for a sequel (or better yet, sequels!) as any good superhero adventurer should. YES, believe all the hype, run to your favorite bookstore or click your favorite link and buy this book!


Speaking of reviews, one for Empire State cropped up the other day, notable in that it is from a New Zealand blogger, Cat, who gave it 4/5 and said it was a “fresh and enjoyable read.”


Now, the search for pancakes and bacon continues…

SEVEN WONDERS is “the coolest kid on the superhero block”, and Author-to-Author interview with Paul Tobin

One more sleep until Chicago. Eeep! I’m off to WorldCon tomorrow – it starts on Thursday, but I’ve got a free day in Chicago beforehand – the same day, coincidentally, that Seven Wonders comes out in the US and in ebook. Eeep, again! So now is the time to put the last pre-orders in – you can find most relavant links here. I’m also told that the limited edition hardcover from Forbidden Planet is selling fast – there are only 100 copies of this, so to make sure you don’t miss out, I’d advise heading over to this link now.

Over at SFBook, Seven Wonders gets four stars, and they say:

The plot itself is inventive and twisting, written in a literary arresting style that is about as close you could ever get to a graphic novel without the graphics. Seven Wonders is the coolest kid on the superhero block, it’s got bags of style, an incredibly rich atmosphere and a cracking story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat for most of the journey.

Recently I was interviewed by novelist and comics scribe Paul Tobin, in which we talked about my books, writing in general, and comics. You can find the interview here, and I’ll be returning the favour on this blog in a couple of weeks. Paul’s new novel, Prepare to Die!, is out now from Night Shade Books, and I thoroughly recommend it (and my blurb is on the back, alongside Chris Roberson and Kurt Busiek!).

And now: packing for Chicago. Oh boy… while I’m doing that, you can check out my WorldCon schedule here.

Interview with I Should Be Writing, and Starburst magazine reviews SEVEN WONDERS

It’s just one week to go until WorldCon officially starts in Chicago! I’m looking forward to it a lot, and I’ve got a couple of extra days to have a look around the city beforehand too – I can relax a little too, as I’ve just finished the first draft of The Age Atomic, the Empire State sequel. The draft came in at nearly 154,000 words and needs a hell of a rewrite, but I’m going to chill until I get back from Chicago.

On the Angry Robot side of things, there will be nineteen authors and three “staffers” going, which I think is the biggest gathering we’ve ever had – if you head over to the Angry Robot blog, you can see a full schedule of where you’ll find us. My own schedule (with some more detail) can be found here.

Veteran SF magazine Starburst posted their review of Seven Wonders the other day, giving it 8/10 and saying:

It’s compulsive reading at its best… the author’s glee-filled love of comic-books radiating from every page. [Adam Christopher] evokes classic comic book writers such as Busiek, Moore, Morrison and Gaiman, and yet retains a unique style and sense of a world.

Seven Wonders is out in the US next week (August 28th), and in the UK a week later (September 6th).

Finally, I was recently a guest on Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing podcast, where I talked about Empire State, Seven Wonders, future projects (including The Age Atomic, Hang Wire and Shadow’s Call) and various bits and pieces about writing. You can listen to the episode here (or subscribe in iTunes). Being on I Should Be Writing is a pretty big deal for me, because it was this podcast that got me back into writing seriously, in 2006 – its importance to me as a writer cannot be understated. In fact, Mur and I talk about that in the interview – so check it out!



Video interview (!) with The Sword and Laser (!!)

Another day, another interview – and this is a big one. The Sword and Laser is a fortnightly YouTube show about books, hosted by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt and part of the Geek and Sundry network. And for episode 10, they invited me on to talk about Seven Wonders, Empire State, comics and writing.

…although now I totally need to write a short story about a hard-of-hearing supervillian trying to join the Cow’s gang (thanks, Kim!).

If you haven’t been watching it, I suggest you go back and check them out – The Sword and Laser is basically a TV show about genre fiction. And there’s also a podcast!

New interview with Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing, and my WorldCon schedule

Just a couple of weeks until Seven Wonders hits the shelves in the US (UK readers have to wait another week), but in the meantime over at Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing I talk to Shaun Farrell about the book, superheroes, and writing in general. I’ve got a couple more podcasts coming up too, as well as the one over at Functional Nerds which I mentioned yesterday.

WorldCon is now exactly two weeks away, and the draft programme is now online. It’s a real monster (I’m almost expecting there to be an opening panel on the Thursday morning called “Reading the Chicon Program Grid”) with a whole tonne of stuff that looks excellent.

My own schedule is as follows:

Thursday Aug 30 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Researching history that never happened
Room: San Francisco
With Kenneth Hite, Martin Berman-Gorvine, Mary Robinette Kowal and Nick DiChario

Thursday Aug 30 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Reading (a little Seven Wonders, and maybe a sneak peak at The Age Atomic, the sequel to Empire State due out in May 2013)
Room: Dusable

Friday Aug 31 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
The new pulp fiction
Room: McCormick
With Chuck Wendig and Stephen Blackmoore

Saturday Sep 1 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
Social media for writers
Room: Gold Coast
With Amanda Leudeke, Emma Newman, Lillian Cauldwell and Peadar O’Guillin

Monday Sep 3 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Autograph session 18
Room: Autograph tables

Also on the Friday is the Angry Robot Author Showcase, being held at The Book Cellar, 4736-38 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL 60625 – full details here. Come and join myself, Chuck Wendig, Kim Curran and Gwenda Bond as we launch our new novels!

There will be other stuff going on as well – there’s the famous Tor party, which I get to go to as a Tor author (OMG!!), and of course the Hugo Awards on the Sunday night, and the associated pre-parties and after-parties.

It should be an absolute blast – if you’re going, come and say hello!


New interview with Functional Nerds

Ten scenes left to write in The Age Atomic and eleven days in which to do it. Getting there…

In the meantime, I recently spoke to John Anealio and Patrick Hester of the Functional Nerds podcast about Seven Wonders, superheroes, and all that jazz. You can listen right here.

Today I also received a print proof of the dust jacket for the limited edition hardcover of Seven Wonders. It’s lovely and shiny and looks brilliant – it’s really orange – and the inside flap calls the book a science fiction superhero pulp comicbook adventure fantasy thriller, which is very clearly the new new pulp.

Remember, you can order the hardcover here – there are only 100 numbered copies! And the Forbidden Planet launch is just three weeks tomorrow

SEVEN WONDERS is a Barnes & Noble pick for August!

Barnes & Noble are the largest chain of retail bookstores in the US, and the company’s buyer Jim Kellen has listed Seven Wonders among 12 other books as a pick for August. My book is in some mighty fine company there, and I’m thrilled to be included!

And speaking of the US release – which is August 28th, less than three weeks away – I’ve received copies of the US trade paperback, which looks pretty cool:

A couple of days ago I took part in one of SF Signal‘s Mind Melds, in which authors are invited to talk about a set question. The topic for this installment was point of view, and you can find parts I and II (which includes me) of the piece here and here. In my piece I listed a few other books I think are worth checking out, which I’ll post more info about here shortly.