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New UK release: THE AGE ATOMIC!

And…. The Age Atomic is officially released in the UK today! Featuring Private Detective Rad Bradley, Special Agent Jennifer Jones, a bunch of robots and a nefarious plot to destroy two worlds:

It’s out in paperback, which you’ll be able to find at the usual places, including:

Forbidden Planet (signed copy) | | Waterstones | The Book Depository | Blackwell’s | WH Smith

It’s also out as a limited edition (/100), signed hardcover, exclusive to Forbidden Planet. You can order that here, or come along to the launch tonight (Thursday 4th April, 6pm), where I’ll be doing a reading and signing. Paperbacks will also be available.

Also out today is the limited edition (/100), signed hardcover of Empire State, once again exclusive to Forbidden Planet and featuring a new cover and some new bonus material. The order link for that is here, but again, it’ll also be available tonight.

People after the ebook or US editions should follow this link.

See you tonight!

EMPIRE STATE limited edition hardback variant cover

Alongside the UK release of The Age Atomic next week comes a limited (/100), signed, hardback edition of Empire State, exclusive to Forbidden Planet. This collector’s edition includes some new bonus material, and a brand new variant cover by Will Staehle (click to enlarge!):

You can snag yourself a copy of the limited edition Empire State – along with the limited edition hardbacks of both The Age Atomic and (if they have any left) Seven Wonders – at the book launch next Thursday, April 4th, at the Forbidden Planet megastore in London. Details of the event are here and there’s a Facebook event page here. Things kick off at 6pm, when I’ll do a reading, followed by a Q&A and then signing. The regular paperback editions of all three books will also be on sale.

If you can’t get to the event, you can order a limited hardback of The Age Atomic and/or Empire State (or a signed paperback of The Age Atomic) direct from Forbidden Planet by following this link. They ship worldwide!

THE AGE ATOMIC hits the US in paperback and in ebook worldwide!

Today is the first P-day for The Age Atomic – if you’re in the US, you can pick up the paperback from the usual spots! If you prefer it in ebook, you can buy it in all territories from today in all the major formats – including as a DRM-free ePub from the Robot Trading Company. You’ll find an updated list of order links here. UK readers who are after a print copy will need to wait until Thursday April 4th… although rumour has it that have stock and are shipping already.

Publication weeks are always busy ones, so here’s a link round-up:

…a blast for sci-fi fans… Christopher has let his imagination run wild, with some fantastic results.

You’ve got political intrigue, super heroes and villains, and a cracking good mystery. What’s not to like?

This is a must read for fans of superhero and sci-fi fiction.

And… rest!

There’s plenty more to come this week and next – including the reveal of the Empire State variant cover for Forbidden Planet’s exclusive limited edition hardback – so stay tuned. Don’t forget the UK launch of The Age Atomic is being held at the Forbidden Planet London megastore on Thursday 4th April at 6pm, where you’ll be able to snag the limited edition hardcover. If you can’t make it, you can still order the hardcover of The Age Atomic here, and the link for the hardcover Empire State will be up shortly.


THE AGE ATOMIC – one week to go!

The Age Atomic is out in exactly one week in paperback in the United States, and in ebook worldwide. Wow, that came around pretty quickly.

So, your handy collection of pre-order links can be found here. As the old saying goes, buy early, and buy often! UK readers, the paperback hits Thursday, April 4th – which is the same day as the launch at Forbidden Planet, where you’ll be able to pick up their exclusive, limited hardback editions of both The Age Atomic and Empire State. You can find details of the launch here.

Meanwhile, the official Waterstones blog has declared that myself and fellow author James Smythe are the future of science fiction. Which kinda makes me feel dizzy. You can read their blog here.

I’ve known James for a while, and in fact blurbed his excellent novels The Testimony and The Explorer. James’s new book, The Machine, is out just a week after The Age Atomic, and I’m looking forward to it immensely.

You can follow James on Twitter here, and you’ll find his blog here.

Finally, a new review of Seven Wonders from the Italian blog, Space of Entropy, who say that:

…human nature is the true core of the novel, and in exploring it Mr. Christopher does a marvelous job.

It’s actually an excellent review and worth a read. My thanks to Marina for that!

Five more teasers for The Age Atomic to come. Stay tuned!

SFFWRTCHT transcript, new EMPIRE STATE review, and the 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology

So there I was just a chapter away from finishing the latest edit on The Book Formerly Known As Shadow’s Call, and I get sick with a dose of the flu that knocks me out for a week. Good timing.

While I clamber back to normality, a couple of links:

If you hadn’t noticed, award season is upon us, and there are a couple of useful resources available:

Finally, just a reminder that I’m eligible for a slightly more obscure award – the Sir Julius Vogel Awards, handed out by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand. Nominations for these close on 31st March, and anyone can nominate. My list of eligible works (and qualifying categories) is here.

Launching THE AGE ATOMIC at Forbidden Planet! Limited edition hardcovers… including EMPIRE STATE!

My forthcoming sequel to Empire State, The Age Atomic, is out on April 4th, and to mark the occassion we’re launching it at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore, where I’ll be doing a reading, having a little chat, and signing books. The event is on Thursday 4th April, 2013, 6.00 – 7.00pm. A Facebook event page will be up shortly.

I’m also pleased to announce that The Age Atomic will be available in a lovely limited edition hardback! These will be signed and numbered and there will only be 100, exclusive to Forbidden Planet.

And not only that… I’m beyond pleased and heading towards utterly chuffed when I can say that Empire State, my debut from January 2012, is getting a re-release at the event, also as a limited edition hardcover! Wrapped in a brand new cover by Will Staehle, and featuring some new bonus content, there are only going to be 100 of these too.

I’ll be posting more about this as we get closer to the launch – and revealing the new Empire State cover – but in the meantime, head over to Angry Robot for the low-down on this event and some other fabulous launches happening, and over to Forbidden Planet, where you’ll find the pre-order links for The Age Atomic (Empire State coming soon).

Roll on April 🙂

2012 leftovers, Angry Robot ebook sale, and the year ahead

Hello 2013! We’re back to an odd-numbered year, during which I will turn an odd-numbered age. I like odd numbers.


There are a few leftover bits and bobs from the end of 2012:

  • At WarpCoreSF, Empire State was named the Best Superhero Noir of 2012.
  • At The Founding Fields, Seven Wonders came in at number 9 of their best books of 2012.
  • Empire State came in at number 3 on Angel of Retribution’s list of best debuts of 2012, while Seven Wonders made it to number 3 on their Best of the Best list.
  • The Eloquent Page named The Age Atomic among their top ten books to look forward to in 2013
  • The Ranting Dragon have compiled a might list of 50 titles to look forward to in 2013, with The Age Atomic at number 19. Also featuring a shout-out to Hang Wire, although I’d argue whether one book is more important than the other!

Today is the last day of Angry Robot’s ebook sale, which features 25% off all their ebooks (including, of course, Empire State and Seven Wonders). You can find details of the sale here. All Angry Robot ebooks are DRM-free too!

Couple of award things – the BSFA Award nomination period is only open until January 11th (details here), and the Hugo Awards are now open for nominations until March 10th.

New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel Awards are also open from now until March 31st.- notably, anyone can nominate for these, regardless of membership of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand.

If anyone is so inclined, my list of eligible work is here.

And finally a quick update to my year ahead – actually, this is all likely to take me well into 2014. So my projects are: Shadow’s Call (to be renamed – now scheduled for publication in March 2014), Hang Wire (out in November 2013) Lucifer, Blackout 77, and an untitled urban fantasy project.

Um, yeah. That should keep me going! I should also have an update on my comic debut, The Sentinel, shortly. I’m looking forward to showing off some new art from that!

EMPIRE STATE and SEVEN WONDERS hit more “Best of 2012” lists, and a Christmas competition!

A nice pre-Christmas surprise – Seven Wonders gets a stonking review over at the Ranting Dragon, who give it 5/5 stars and say:

If you are a fan of comic books and superheroes, Seven Wonders may well be your perfect read. Its grand scale and impressive prose will definitely appeal to anyone who enjoys comics. Its flamboyant action and incredible characters will entertain you for hours. I dare say that—if done well—this may make one of the best film adaptations ever. I would love to see Christopher Nolan or Joss Whedon take a swing at this.

Practically the whole review is quotable, and it really blows me away – thanks!

Seven Wonders was also named the “best novel of 2012” by, who say:

Christopher has written a book that explodes off the page like gamma ray grapeshot. And that’s a good thing. The author’s enthusiasm and commitment to his muse has made superheroes fun again. Mission accomplished. Seven Wonders wins our prize for best novel of 2012.

My book tops a fine list of five novels which includes one of my favourites of 2012, Prepare to Die! by Paul Tobin, and another from Angry Robot, Costume Not Included by Matthew Hughes. Although I’m bound to say it, really knows their onions, so to be crowned their number 1 novel really means a lot.

Empire State has also been making some more appearances – over at The Eloquent Page, it’s Book of the Month for June 2012 (closing a three-month run for Angry Robot, with Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle and Blackbirds by Chuck Wending coming in as books of the month for April and May, respectively).

At Angel of Retribution, Empire State comes in at number 3 on their list of Best Debuts of 2012 – Angry Robot has a strong showing here too, with The Dead of Winter by Lee Collins (#1), Dead Harvest by Chris F. Holm (#5), Pantomime by Laura Lam (#6 – although this Strange Chemistry title is out in February 2013), and The Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle (#8) filling out the list.

Forbidden Planet, the mighty retailer of all things wonderful, has released their Best Books of 2012 list, with Empire State in at number 6, among some very heavyweight title and authors indeed. Woot!

And finally, Empire State gets another Italian review over at Space of Entropy. Unfortunately Google’s translation doesn’t really give a good pull-quote, so I’d recommend you check it out for yourself – in short, they liked it a lot! Incidentally, the Italian edition of Empire State is on the way – more information as I have it. I’m dying to show off the cover!

Now, time for a competition! I have one signed copy of the UK paperback edition of Seven Wonders, and one signed 12-CD audiobook of the same. Although I can’t get them to the winners by Christmas, I’ll draw the competition on Christmas Day – all you need to do is to add a comment to this blog post indicating your entry, and my magical random contest plugin will then draw the winners. The first person to be drawn gets the audiobook, the second person to be drawn gets the signed paperback. The competition is open worldwide.

EMPIRE STATE in the Financial Times Best of 2012 list!

Well now.

Hot on the heels of being named SciFiNow’s magazine’s Book of the Year 2012, Empire State has made it into the Financial Times Best of 2012 list, alongside three other science fiction and fantasy novels. The full list is online here, and it also appeared in print this past Saturday:

All I can say is: oh hell yes. I’m chuffed to bits! Woot! Four books on that list and two of them by someone named Adam. Rock. On.

Congrats to Adam Baker, Tim Powers, and Danie Ware!

The Financial Times reviewed Empire State way back in January (where the heck has this year gone?), which you can read here, and in July the book appeared in their Best of 2012 So Far list.


EMPIRE STATE is SciFiNow magazine’s book of the year 2012!

On the news stands today is issue 74 of SciFiNow magazine, featuring their 2012 end-of-year awards. And if you turn to page 52, you’ll find their run-down of the five best novels and five best comics of 2012. And at number 1 for books: my debut novel, Empire State!

Like, wow.

Rounding out the list of five best novels is The Game is Altered by Mez Packer (2), Red Country by Joe Abercrombie (3), The Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton (4), and Intrusion by Ken MacLeod (5).

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to bits, and honoured to be even mentioned in the same list as those mighty authors.

Of Empire State, they said:

The smoky bars and ceiling fan intrigue of Raymond Chandler meets the neurotic, beer-gut superheroics of Alan Moore at his height (as opposed to his post-From Hell esotericism), Adam Christopher’s genre-merging debut swept skyward seemingly from nowhere, its cape trailing in the wind, and brought with it an incredible sense of wonder.

To celebrate, my publisher Angry Robot are running an ebook promotion – you can get 25% off both Empire State and Seven Wonders (DRM-free epub) at the Robot Trading Company from now until Monday 26th November by entering the code sfnow2012 at checkout.

Feel free to share the code around – tweet it, blog it, spread the word!

And don’t forget, the sequel to Empire State, The Age Atomic, is out in April next year, and is now available for pre-order.