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Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted a thumbnail of this up on Twitter a couple of weeks back, but now I can show this thing off in all its glory. The final Ray Electromatic Mystery novel, I Only Killed Him Once, is out from Tor Books on July 10, 2018, and thanks – yet again – to the genius of Will Staehle, it will look like this:

US pre-order links at the link! UK links to come!


So this is pretty exciting – I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I’m making my Star Wars fiction debut in the forthcoming 40th anniversary anthology, Star Wars: From A Certain Point Of View.

The book was teased this week on social media with the hashtag #OperationBlueMilk, which was lots of fun to take part in. Full details are up over at, but to give you the general gist – this is an anthology of 40 stories, all of which take place during A New Hope, retelling scenes from the point of view of other characters. More information about the author line-up and the stories themselves is coming, but for the moment, the book is out on October 3, 2017. I’ll put up pre-order links once they go live, but for the moment all the US pre-order links are available here. Go, order, I’ll wait here!

It’s no secret that I’m a Star Wars superfan, so to contribute to a project like this – with my first ever piece of Star Wars fiction – is a tremendous honour. I’m also so pleased that as well as celebrating the anniversary of one of the most important pop culture phenomenons in the world, this book is also being produced for a very good cause indeed. From

All participating authors have generously forgone any compensation for their stories. Instead, their proceeds will be donated to First Book — a leading nonprofit that provides new books, learning materials, and other essentials to educators and organizations serving children in need. To further celebrate the launch of this book and both companies’ longstanding relationships with First Book, Penguin Random House has donated $100,000 to First Book, and Disney/Lucasfilm has donated 100,000 children’s books — valued at 1 million dollars — to support First Book and their mission of providing educational resources to children in need.

There was obviously a sandcrawler-load of stuff online about the book, but here’s the and the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog coverage.

More info soon!


The Ray Electromatic Mysteries return today with Standard Hollywood Depravity, a novella from Publishing. This standalone story is set between the events of the first novel in the series — Made to Kill — and the second — Killing Is My Business — which is out on July 25th.

“Combines classic Chandlerian noir with vintage sci-fi with brilliant results: Ray the Robot, a contract killer with glimmers of half-remembered conscience, will break your heart. Truly original, and deeply satisfying.”

— Kelly Braffet, author of Save Yourself

The moment Raymond Electromatic set eyes on her, he knew she was the dame marked in his optics, the woman that his boss had warned him about.


As the band shook the hair out of their British faces, stomping and strumming, the go-go dancer’s cage swung, and the events of that otherwise average night were set in motion. A shot, under the cover of darkness, a body bleeding out in a corner, and most of Los Angeles’ population of hired guns hulking, sour-faced over un-drunk whiskey sours at the bar.

But as Ray tries to track down the package he was dispatched to the club to retrieve, his own programming might be working against him, sending him down a long hall and straight into a mobster’s paradise. Is Honey still the goal―or was she merely bait for a bigger catch?

Just your standard bit of Hollywood depravity, as tracked by the memory tapes of a less-than-standard robot hitman.

Available wherever books are sold, including:
Amazon US | Amazon UKBarnes & Noble | iBooks US
iBooks UKBooks-A-MillionPowell’s | IndieBound

Standard Hollywood Depravity is out in print and digital – and as a bonus, the ebook version comes bundled with the very first novelette, Ray’s origin story, Brisk Money.

And if you want a taster, has an exclusive extract from Standard Hollywood Depravity, right here.

Ray will be back in July with Killing Is My Business!

The Doctor Who comics of Alan Moore, and DISHONORED book announcement

Couple o’ things.

Over at, I take a look at the Doctor Who comics of Alan Moore. Moore, better known as the writer of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and other groundbreaking titles, actually started writing back-up strips for Doctor Who Weekly magazine back in the early 1980s. Reviewing the stories was pretty fun, and you can check it out over here.

In other news, Bethesda announced a comic and novel tie-in series for the console/PC game Dishonored. As it happens, I’ve written the first book, which comes with this rather fetching cover. Click to embiggen it in all its glory!

The cover says not final, but I doubt it will change much.

Dishonored: The Corroded Man is out in September from your usual favourite bookstores. The full press release for the comics and novel can be read here.


Welp, yesterday was fun. Saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens (you’ll get no spoilers from me!), and, oh, signed a little deal for some more Ray Electromatic Mysteries.


I’m chuffed to be joining the novella imprint with a new story for Ray and Ada! You can read the full announcement over at, but I’m pleased to say that Standard Hollywood Depravity will be out around September/October 2016.

Standard Hollywood Depravity — which takes its title, like Brisk Money, from something Raymond Chandler said in one of his letters – takes place between Made to Kill, the first book of the LA Trilogy (which is out now) and book 2, Killing is My Business. That volume isn’t out until January 2017, so Standard Hollywood Depravity will fill the gap next year. As with Brisk Money, which is sort-of a pseudo-prequel to the series, the novella will be a standalone story that might contain a few hints about what’s coming Ray and Ada’s way in book 2.


So, not a bad way to round off the year! Head over to for more info!

52 blogs of 2015 | #2 | And that secret novel is…

Y’know, the thing about publishing is that it’s complicated and colossal and things take a long time, which means that you often have to sit on news for aeons because you have to wait for a whole heap of stuff to happen. This is business as usual. And I’m sure this drives every author crazy–me included!

Which makes me very pleased and very relieved and very very excited to be able to, finally, after months (seriously, this is the longest I’ve ever sat on book news ever), talk about that secret project I’ve been working on. I’ve talked about it online, calling it the secret novel, not because I love teasing you with vague details, but because I’m really pretty gosh-darned tickled pink to be involved with this and I’ve been utterly beside myself with anticipation.

So. Here it is!


A summons to a body found riddled with bullets in a Hell’s Kitchen apartment marks the start of a new case for consulting detectives Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson. The victim is a subway train driver with a hidden stash of money and a strange Colombian connection, but why would someone kill him and leave a fortune behind?

The search for the truth will lead the sleuths deep into the hidden underground tunnels beneath New York City, where answers—and more bodies—may well await them…

I’m writing the official Elementary tie-in novels! The first one, The Ghost Line, is out in early 2015 – February 24th in the US, February 27th in the UK.

In fact, you can pre-order the book with these handy links!

Elementary: The Ghost Line at
Elementary: The Ghost Line at
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Barnes & Noble
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Indiebound (for your local US bookstore)
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Waterstones
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Hive (for your local UK bookstore)
Elementary: The Ghost Line at iBooks (US)
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Forbidden Planet

I love Elementary. Love it. And I love Sherlock Holmes. More importantly, I love Elementary‘s take on Holmes – it’s one of my favourite shows, and writing these books is a dream and the most fun ever. And never in a million years did I ever think I’d have a book cover with Lucy Liu on it.

I mean, seriously. Lucy Liu? Getouttatown.

And if you want a little taster of this new Elementary adventure, head over to Criminal Element right now for an exclusive excerpt!

52 Blogs of 2015 | #1 | MADE TO KILL cover reveal

A new year and I’m starting to get obsessed about the number 52. I’m not sure this is entirely healthy, but maybe DC Comics were onto something. Anyway, this year I’m going to read 52 books and 52 graphic novels/comic trade collections, watch 52 movies I haven’t seen before, and try and post 52 blogs a year. Which means each is going to be numbered, most will probably appear on Friday, and they start… today!

And what a doozy this one is. I have several books out this year (which I’ll cover next week!), not to mention my first regular monthly comic book starts up in April. The final (so far, anyway) book release of the year will be the first volume in The LA Trilogy, which drops in November.

Yesterday, not only did reveal the title of that book to be Made to Kill, but they showed off the jaw-dropping cover by the remarkable Will Staehle, who has–I’m rather amazed to say–done the covers for all of my novels.

And this one? This one might be my favourite. Click to enlarge and feast your eyes…

Made to Kill

Will also did one of’s famous pop quiz interviews, which you can read here. Appropriate, given that The LA Trilogy was born out of the pop quiz I did last year.

Made to Kill is out in November from Tor (North America) and Titan (everywhere else). More info–including pre-order links–will be up as soon as I have them.

In the meantime, if you want to read the origin story of Ray, our leading mechanical man, you can check out the novella Brisk Money at or as part of the brilliant (and entirely free) anthology, Some of the Best from 2014.

See you next week… hopefully with another announcement I’ve been dying to make…

Titan Books to publish THE LA TRILOGY!

I’m pleased to announce that Titan will be publishing my forthcoming crime SF series, The LA Trilogy, as per yesterday’s roundup in Publisher’s Marketplace:

Adam Christopher’s THE LA TRILOGY, set in an alternative 1960s Los Angeles and starring a robot detective and his boss, pitched as inspired by Raymond Chandler’s parody of science fiction in a letter to his agent, to Natalie Laverick at Titan Books, by Stacia Decker at the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Yay! I’m so pleased to have landed this at Titan, who are also publishing the three books of The Spider Wars sequence, which started with The Burning Dark. Both series are published by Tor in the US.

The LA Trilogy has an interesting origin, which you can read about over at Although the first volume isn’t due to drop until September 2015, you won’t have to wait that long to meet its star, Raymond Electromatic. His origin story is told in Brisk Money, my next novelette, which is due to be published on July 23rd. I have shown off the nifty cover before, but hey, any excuse to do it again:


July 23
Written by Adam Christopher
Edited by Paul Stevens
Illustration by Gérard Dubois

Raymond Chandler famously hated science fiction, saying “They pay brisk money for this crap?” However, it has recently come to light that Chandler secretly wrote a series of stories and novels starring a robot detective. He then burnt all the manuscripts and went on writing his noir masterpieces. Unknown to Chandler, his housekeeper had managed to save some of these discarded manuscripts from the grate in his study, preserving the tales for future generations.

There’s an official press release doing the rounds, which you can read here.

And back to the editing!

Announcement! New three-book deal with Tor!

Time for some big news!

I’ve signed a new three-book deal with Tor US!



The deal is for a brand new series, The LA Trilogy, and, as the official terminology goes, was negotiated between my editor at Tor, Paul Stevens, and my agent, Stacia Decker of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

The LA Trilogy is a set of three as-yet-unnamed linked novels about Ray, a robot detective working in Los Angeles in the early 1960s, and his computer boss, Googol. The first one is due to drop in hardcover in September 2015.

Now, I’ll be talking a lot more about The LA Trilogy soon, but in the meantime, are running some background on the deal and the new novelette, Brisk Money, which started it all, along with some comments from Paul and myself. You can read the piece here.

For queries related to The LA Trilogy, feel free to drop me (if it’s about interviews or comments) or Stacia (if it’s about business) a line.

This new trilogy means I’m under contract for six books to Tor… blimey, better get back to work!

Those rare occasions when a Thursday turns out pretty good, plus some new HANG WIRE reviews

Oops, missed a blog post yesterday! To be honest, I was flat out busy, so it would have been a picture post of something random in my office anyway. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Anyway, today was a good day. Lots of work done. Got two bits of amazing news which I can’t tell you about. Then unexpectedly got tickets to see my favourite band, The Cure, at the Royal Albert Hall next month (general sale is tomorrow, but I heard word of a pre-sale this morning and was online at just the right time), and then, to top it off, Lego announced they are doing a Ghostbusters set as part of their CUUSOO series (fan-created sets that are then voted on for appraisal and possible production by Lego).

So, all in all, it’s been a pretty amazing day.

Meanwhile, some more Hang Wire links in action:

Over at Mary Robinette Kowal’s My Favorite Bit, I give the lowdown on the book’s main villain, Joel Duvall.

The Book Plank review the book and says:

Hang Wire is a awesome read (and that’s understating it by far). From the first pages I was hooked.

There’s also a new interview with me up on that site.

At My Shelf Confessions, Tabitha says that Hang Wire is:

Fricka fracking blowing my mind good!

…which is my favourite review quote ever!

Megan at All Things Urban Fantasy says:

If Tim Powers wrote The Night Circus, the resulting novel would probably look a lot like Adam Christopher’s Hang Wire.

My Bookish Ways says:

Hang Wire is just pure fun. Yes, there are some dark doings here (something huge is awakening underground and gods are running around wearing human facades, and of course, murder), however, Adam Christopher manages to pull off the right amount of creepy (and some great action scenes) without ever getting toodark. Fans of quirky urban fantasy will devour this one.

And Popcorn Reads says:

Adam Christopher has brought his unique vision to his novel and I loved it. Hang Wire is pure murder mystery married to a dark, sinister urban fantasy, with both bordering on and possibly crossing over into horror in places. I get chills now just thinking about it.

See you tomorrow!