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New interview, new short story, new novel

Yesterday my second-ever interview went up over at, the website of Chuck Wendig. As many will know, Chuck is a fellow Angry Robot author, and fellow member of Team Decker. My interview is split over two weeks, probably due to the fact that when he said to tell him a story, I went and wrote one. The result was a bit of fun called¬†Green Eggs and Handguns, which you can read over at Chuck’s site. Go check it out!

Also yesterday I got the end of the final edit of Seven Wonders, my superhero novel which is being publishing by Angry Robot at the end of 2012. This morning I did one last quick spellcheck and sent it off to my beta-readers.

Getting that manuscript done is a huge relief – not just because that book was tricky to edit, but because I feel like I’ve been editing forever. The last novel I wrote was Hang Wire, the first draft of which was finished at the end of May, although it feels like longer.

Anyway, now it’s time to write. My next project is up and running:

I’ve done a more detailed outline for this than I would normally, but conversely I’m determined that this novel has a more straightforward structure. Seven Wonders took a long time to get right because of two concurrent timelines. Night Pictures has, so far, one flashback sequence, but aside from that, everything else is linear.

Well, as far as I know. Let’s see what happens when I start writing!

A ghost story for Christmas

As mentioned yesterday, today is National Short Story day, and genre fans are in for something of an aural treat. Over at Dark Fiction Magazine, their Twelve Days of Christmas audio anthology is now available and features a dozen excellent shorts by a dozen excellent writers. Each story takes a line from the traditional Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas, and the end result is rather splendid. Get your ears over there, pronto!

Meanwhile, here’s my own Christmas ghost story, Nine Ladies Dancing, read by Emma Newman. Emma is a writer and voice artist, and her first novel, the post-apocalyptic Twenty Years Later, is due from Dystopia Press in 2011. Emma’s website is Post-Apocalyptic Publishing, and she can be found on Twitter as @emapocalyptic.

I hope you enjoy the story, and Emma’s narration, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to share the link or the file.

Merry Christmas!