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17th March, 2011: Dancin’ machine

Jump left, and now jump right. Spin around, that was tight…

It’s not often that the MC Hammer dance is appropriate, but I’ll indulge after a good (2k+) writing day. I like to think that the MC Hammer dance is just one step down from the Snoopy dance, which is reserved for very special news.

Some more links from yesterday:

Also out yesterday was my new short story, The Walker, which appeared in Hub magazine #136. The Walker is a little period ghost story, and you can read it entirely for free over at their website. You can actually subscribe and get Hub delivered to your inbox too. I recommend it, as not only does it feature free fiction, but reviews and interviews. Did I mention it’s free?

The SFX Blog Awards are kicking off, with online voting now open here. There are many fine blogs nominated, and in the best podcast category you’ll find Escape Pod! As a guest blogger on Escape Pod, I know where my vote is going, but I recommend you check out the whole list of blogs over at the SFX website. I’ll certainly be taking a look at some of the nominated sites.

Speaking of Escape Pod, I’ll soon be starting an epic readthrough of the stories of HP Lovecraft for them, in publication order. First up is The Alchemist, written in 1908 and published in 1916. If you fancy reading along, you should be able to find an online version of the story from that link. You can also get Lovecraft’s work in epub and mobi format from here, among other places (although I see that pack doesn’t include the first story I’m covering).


As I mentioned, a good day yesterday. Work on Hang Wire was a lot of fun as the particular sequence written features the first appearance of a Korean superhero, Tangun. Tangun, as it turned out, is quite a jolly fellow, and I suspect is going to be a hoot to write.

Project: Hang Wire (serial killers and superheroes in San Francisco)
Words today: 2,223
Words total: 42,293/100,000 (42%)
Total words for 2011: 74,246

9th March, 2011: The week that never ends

And it’s only Wednesday, right? Busy busy. Busy busy is good in some parts, but bad in others. Tonight I was forced (FORCED) to eat a very amount of Chinese food and drink a pear cider (not actually perry, I don’t think). Forced, I tell you.

So there’s no blog action here, but over at EscapePod, I give a little rundown of two forthcoming British SF/genre awards. Go check it out!

Editing? On hold. This isn’t according to plan, but I did say this week would be busy. Here’s to the weekend… wait, I’ve got TWO more days to go? Oh man. On the plus side, I have managed to get a lot of writing admin stuff done, which included sorting the paperwork on another short story which I’ve just sold. I mentioned this on Twitter the other day, but I’ll have more info on that shortly.