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52 blogs of 2015 | #8 | ELEMENTARY giveaway and The Baker Street Babes podcast

Elementary news!

Last week I talked to the wonderful Baker Street Babes podcast about The Ghost Line. The interview was loads of fun, and you can hear it here.


The Baker Street Babes are also giving away two copies of the book, one via Twitter and one via their website. You can find full details of the contest here. Entries close on March 12th!

Also, two neat review of the book have popped up. Starburst magazine gave it a whopping 9/10, and said:

For our money, the real selling point of this book is how superbly the author has captured the voices of the characters. All of the regulars sound exactly like they do in the series, but in particular Sherlock’s voice has been nailed so well it’s practically buried in the ground.

This is where the novel really shines; like all the best tie-in fiction it’s like we’re watching an episode of the TV show. If for whatever reason Christopher decides that writing novels is no longer for him, we’re sure that he’d be able to get himself a job on the Elementary writing staff. But screenwriting’s gain would very much be the reader’s loss.

For a tie-in novel, there is no higher praise. I’m over the moon with that kind of response.

Over at The Fictional Hangout, the book was awarded 8.5/10, and they say:

It’s fun, boasting the familiar levels of humour that comes with the show, and incredibly entertaining with some great characterisations of Sherlock and Watson that feel right at home with the TV series. In fact, it’s written so well that this book actually feels like it could be an episode of the TV series.

Hey, CBS, I’m just waiting for your call…

Meanwhile, you can order Elementary: The Ghost Line from your favourite bookseller, or these handy links!

Elementary: The Ghost Line at
Elementary: The Ghost Line at
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Barnes & Noble
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Indiebound (for your local US bookstore)
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Waterstones
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Hive (for your local UK bookstore)
Elementary: The Ghost Line at iBooks US
Elementary: The Ghost Line at iBooks UK
Elementary: The Ghost Line at Forbidden Planet

To celebrate the release of HANG WIRE, win all 100 Angry Robot books at!

Hang Wire is the 100th novel published by Angry Robot – by coincidence, Empire State was the 50th – and to mark the occasion, Angry Robot and are giving away a USB stick containing all 100 novels published, plus some stuff that isn’t out yet.

Good golly. That’s a lot of books.

The contest is only open to people in North America (excluding Quebec), and to enter, you just need to add your comment to this post.

For those outside the giveaway area, Angry Robot are cooking something else up, so stay tuned!

There is also a Goodreads contest running, with ten copies of Hang Wire up for grabs. That one ends on January 28th, and you can enter here.

And… did I mention Hang Wire is out in the US in a 6 days? Oh boy. I’ve already seen one photo of stock arriving at Mysterious Galaxy in LA.


HANG WIRE is out in a week, or… what the heck happened to January?

Hmm. 2014 seems to be speeding by. This is alarming.

Hang Wire is out in the US and in ebook in one week! Yikes! I mean… yay! Coolness.

To whet your appetite, here’s a couple of new snippets that have come in.

Reviewer Bane of Kings takes on Hang Wire at The Founding Fields, and he says that it is:

An excellent read, Adam Christopher once again reminds us why he is your go-to writer for awesome urban fantasy as he crafts an unputdownable tale that makes Angry Robot’s 100th Novel an excellent read!

“Unputdownable” is about a big an accolade as a book can get, so I’m pretty happy!

Over at BRSBKBLOG, reviewer Pete Sutton says:

Being an Angry Robot book you expect it to be pacy and intelligent with good plotting and Christopher really delivers. Recommended.

There’s also an interview with me there, in which I talk about editing two books at once, working with Angry Robot and Tor Books, and also about a couple of future projects for this year.

With Hang Wire just a week out, don’t forget to enter the pre-order contest, in which you could win a rather alarmingly large parcel of 13 signed books. You’ll find details of the contest here, and a selection of pre-order links here.

And I’m also starting a newsletter – the first instalment will drop on January 28th and there’s going to be an exclusive excerpt of something new, along with a giveaway open only to newsletter subscribers.

That’s me telling you to subscribe, btw.


The HANG WIRE/THE BURNING DARK pre-order contest – update and correction!

Yesterday I launched a pre-order contest for my two forthcoming novels, Hang Wire and The Burning Dark. Pre-order either of them, or both of them, and go into a draw to win a big pile of twelve signed books from a bunch of amazing creators. It’s a big prize. I’m already dreading the shipping cost to the winner.

I tweeted about it, and my tweet was retweeted, and I was very happy. Until I spotted an error.

My tweet said there were thirteen books to be won. There were only twelve. Somewhere, I miscounted.

Dang it. My apologies to anyone who got confused.

But, I said thirteen books on Twitter, and thirteen books ye shall have. So I’m very pleased to make an addition to the prize pack.

Say hello to the first collected volume of Lazarus, from Image Comics, written by Greg Rucka, art by Michael Lark, and signed by the both of them.


Yep. Greg Rucka. Michael Lark. Signed.

Holy smoke, I want this for myself so very badly. But… one lucky winner shall have it. The signed copy of Lazarus joins The Shining Girls, London Falling, The Shambling Guide to New York City, Between Two Thorns, Any Other Name, All Is Fair, Fiddlehead, Vicious, Shovel Ready, Bandette, The Kick-Ass Writer, and The Copper Promise in what is one heck of a prize pack.

Next time I’ll be sure to keep count… although, y’know, I’m kinda glad I didn’t!

HANG WIRE starred review, advance praise for THE BURNING DARK, and the awesomely kick-ass pre-order contest! (updated!)

Fasten your seat belts. This is a big one.


Hang Wire, my fourth novel from Angry Robot, has received a starred review from Booklist! They say:

Christopher fulfils our expectations and more: just when we think the story couldn’t get any weirder, he adds a whole new layer of weird, bouncing from one unexpected moment of goofiness to another, keeping us stuck to our chairs until we think it’ll take an industrial-strength solvent to pry us loose. Days after finishing the book, you’ll still have a grin on your face.

This is my first ever starred review, and I’m… floored, totally! There’s more in the full review, available for the moment to Booklist subscribers.

The advance blurbs for The Burning Dark, my first novel from Tor (US) and Titan (UK), are also in.


Christopher has produced a widescreen Hollywood spectacular in novel form, littered with ‘wow’ moments and a few sly in-jokes for hardcore comic book fans to catch. Not to be missed.

James LovegroveNew York Times bestselling author

 A creepy mystery embedded in a classic SF setting that’ll make you shiver…

Tobias S. BuckellNew York Times bestselling author

Christopher puts sci-fi in a metaphysical choke-hold—The Burning Dark makes reality tap out.

Scott SiglerNew York Times bestselling author

Smart, intricate, and viscerally gripping… Adam Christopher carves a place for himself among the stars of his genre.

V.E. Schwab, author of Vicious

Christopher mines the terror of a setting that feels both tremendously vast and nerve-wrackingly claustrophobic. The Burning Dark will have readers hesitating before glancing at the night sky or turning on their radios.

Robert Jackson Bennett, author of Mr. Shivers and American Elsewhere

A riveting sci-fi mystery reminiscent of Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House.

Martha Wells, author of Star Wars: Empire and Rebellion – Razor’s Edge

With this creepy and compelling mystery, Adam Christopher demonstrates why he’s one of the most original and exciting writers working in the genre right now.

Gareth L. Powell, author of Ack-Ack Macaque and The Recollection

Christopher is writing science-fiction unlike anyone else – tense, unsettling, and grounded in a universe full of danger and mystery. The Burning Dark slips a cold, gloved hand around your heart and doesn’t let go.

Jen Williams, author of The Copper Promise

My heartfelt thanks to that amazing collection of authors.

Appetite whetted? Fancy a look at Hang Wire and The Burning Dark? Then get your pre-orders in, because you’ll be in for the chance to win one gosh-darned heck of a prize pack. Read on!

Hang Wire is out in the US on January 28th and in the UK on February 6th. The Burning Dark is out in the US and UK on March 25th. Order one, or both, and you could win all of this:


The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes (South African hardcover, *signed*)

London Falling UK

London Falling by Paul Cornell (UK trade paperback, *signed*)


The Shambling Guide to New York City by Mur Lafferty
(US trade paperback, *signed*)




The Split Worlds Trilogy:
Between Two Thorns, Any Other Name, All is Fair by Emma Newman
(UK paperbacks, *signed*)


Fiddlehead by Cherie Priest (US trade paperback, *signed*)


Lazarus: Book One: Family by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark
(US trade paperback, *signed*)


Vicious by VE Schwab (US hardcover, *signed*)


Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh (US hardcover, *signed*)


Bandette: Volume One: Presto! by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover
(US hardcover, *signed*)


The Kick-Ass Writer by Chuck Wendig (US trade paperback, *signed*)


The Copper Promise by Jen Williams (UK trade paperback, *signed*)

That’s TWELVE THIRTEEN books. Thirteen SIGNED books. Did I mention they’re all signed? Well they are. *SIGNED*. Thirteen books from thirteen of my favourite writers and creators. Three hardcovers. Ten paperbacks. All of them signed.

To go into the draw to win this pack (Thirteen. Signed. Books), all you need to do is order Hang Wire, or The Burning Dark, or both, and send your order receipt to with the subject heading PRE-ORDER CONTEST. I’ll be using the subject heading to filter emails, so make sure you use it. If you don’t, I’ll still get the email, but I can’t guarantee I’ll find it.

The rules, they easy:

  • The contest is open worldwide.
  • You can order the books from anywhere you like –,, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, WH Smith, Indiebound, The Book Depository. Your local chain store. Your local indie store. Wherever you like to buy books from. You can find some links for Hang Wire here, and for The Burning Dark here.
  • To go in the draw I need your order receipt – it could be an email from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It could be a scan or a photo of a register receipt. It could be a scan or photo of a handwritten receipt from your favourite indie store who rocks it old school.
  • The contest will run from today (January 6th) until Tuesday April 8th – yes, that’s a heck of a long time, but I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to enter. Some people don’t like to pre-order, they like to buy the book off the shelf once it is out. Some people may have a favourite indie store that can’t process pre-orders. Some people might want to save up for the books. Whatever, no problem. Tuesday April 8th is one week after The Burning Dark comes out, so that gives everyone a chance to grab it after release if they so wish. I have to say I do prefer pre-orders – pre-orders count towards first week sales, and first week sales are super important. So if you can pre-order, please do so.
  • Now for the maths:
    • One copy of Hang Wire ordered gets you one entry.
    • One copy of The Burning Dark ordered gets you one entry.
    • If you order both books, you double your chances with FOUR entries.
    • If you buy the limited, numbered hardcover edition of Hang Wire from Forbidden Planet, that gets you TWO entries.
    • The entries all add up –  so if you say bought two copies of Hang Wire, and two copies of The Burning Dark (please note, I heartily encourage this excellent behaviour), you’d get eight entries. Throw in the limited hardcover of Hang Wire, you’re up to ten entries.
  • eBooks count the same as print copies. Audiobooks don’t count.
  • If you’re coming along to the book launch a Forbidden Planet London on Thursday March 6th and picking up your books there, there will be a notepad for you to write down your email address to enter.
  • The contest is now open. Winner will be drawn by random number and announced after the contest closes.

Okay? Okay. Any questions, please ask below. I want to make this as easy as possible, because I want to give away that set of signed books to one very lucky reader!

[Edit: Updated 8 Jan 2014 to add Lazarus to the prize pack.]

What I did in 2013. What I’m going to do in 2014.

I was mulling over a wrap-up post for 2013, but this year has been a little weird, writing-wise, and I wasn’t sure there would be much to post. However, inspired by Chuck Wendig’s wrap-up – in which he mentions an interesting project or two that I have a hand in – I figured I should really sit down and work out what the hell I’ve been doing this year. And what I need to be doing next.

So! 2013?

Despite feeling like I haven’t done much, 2013 was a really good year for me. Having sold The Burning Dark to Tor around Easter 2012 as a standalone novel, this year I sold them two more books – The Jovian Conspiracy and The Stars Below – in the same universe. A few months later, UK and Commonwealth rights to all three books were sold to Titan. Tor revealed the amazing cover, by Will Staehle – who was also responsible for each of my Angry Robot covers – back in July.

I also wrote – and sold – Cold War, a standalone novelette set in the universe of The Burning Dark, to


I had one book published – The Age Atomic, a sequel to Empire State, came out from Angry Robot in April. Alongside the US and UK paperbacks came a limited, numbered collector’s edition hardcover of this title and of Empire State, complete with a new cover by Will Staehle. This made me the only Angry Robot author, so far, to have each of their novels released as a hardback.



In June, I released Two Tales of San Ventura, a pair of short stories set in the world of Seven Wonders. Will Staehle was once again on cover duties.


On top of this, as Chuck mentions over at his blog, I worked with him on a comic pitch that, with a bit of luck, we’ll be able to talk about next year. Speaking of comics, the first three parts of my Prohibition urban fantasy, The Sentinel, came out as part of the VS Comics digital anthology.

Events I attended were the Sci-Fi Weekender in North Wales (I had the flu the whole weekend, and have never been so cold in all my life), EdgeLit in Derby, Andromeda One in Birmingham, Nine Worlds in London, LoneStarCon/WorldCon in San Antonio, and World Fantasy in Brighton. If I to pick a favourite, it must be Nine Worlds – from tremendous organisation to imaginative and fresh programming, this was THE event of 2013.

So, behind-the-scenes, things were pretty busy, and work-wise this was a really good year. In fact, my biggest year yet.

Writing-wise, it was an odd one. From October 2012 through to August 2013 I was editing two books at once – The Burning Dark, and Hang Wire – which was a bit of a challenge. Once those were done, I spent a couple of months outlining The Jovian Conspiracy and got that book underway.

Which means it doesn’t feel like I’ve written much this year, even though “editing” really means “rewriting and rewriting and rewriting”. It’s also hard to track, as a straight eight-hour day of work on novel edits can actually result in a negative word count. There’s probably an easy way to track it, but I haven’t tried it yet!

As for 2014…

I’m under contract to write three novels, only one of which (The Jovian Conspiracy) is due next year. I’m working on it now, and that’s the number one priority.

Once that is in, I’ve got an urban-ish fantasy novel to finish, and a crime novel to write, before I get started on The Stars Below. So that’s one novel to finish, two to start and finish, and one to at least start. Minimum. I also have another long-short story to do, although hopefully I can knock that off before the end of 2013.

That comic project with Chuck should start to kick off… and there may be a couple of other projects in this field to talk about. The final part of The Sentinel should drop from VS Comics early in the year, although that was actually written a while ago.

The only event I’m locked in for so far is WorldCon, which in 2014 is being held in London, but there’s no doubt I’ll be at other events too.

But the big thing for 2014 is that I’ve got two books out! Hang Wire is released by Angry Robot on January 28th (US/eBook) and February 6th (UK), and The Burning Dark is out March 25th from Titan (UK/Commonwealth) and Tor (US). There’s not much of a gap between them and launch-wise, we’re cooking up something big, so stay tuned. There’s also a kick-ass pre-order contest starting in January. Cold War will be out around the same time as The Burning Dark.

So that was my 2013. An odd year, but a good one. 2014 is shaping up to be much bigger and busier, which is just how it should be. Onward!

Win an Advance Reading Copy of THE BURNING DARK from Tor!

North American readers – fancy a chance to get your hands on The Burning Dark six months before it’s out? Then read on…

The Burning Dark is one of five ARCs up for grabs in Tor’s October Grab Bag Sweepstakes! The contest ends on 31st October 2013, and is open to residents of the US and Canada, and all you need to do is click this link and fill out an entry. Winners will be drawn 1st November!


As well as The Burning Dark, the winner will receive:

So… what are you still doing here? Go! Enter! And good luck!

Contest winners!

Before I headed out to WorldCon I left a contest running. And here are the winners, chosen (using a random number generator) from the commenters on the contest blog post:

@thejoshatkins gets the audiobook of The Age Atomic!

@bylaska gets the audiobook of Seven Wonders!

@boo_gray1983 gets a copy of Seven Wonders and The Age Atomic UK paperbacks!

@yagiz also gets a copy of Seven Wonders and The Age Atomic UK paperbacks!

I’m on a tight deadline at the moment so I might be a little incommunicado this month, but if those winners could drop me a line, I’ll get the prizes sent out.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Next contest at 5,000 Twitter followers!

Giveaway time!

Over on that there Twitter, I’ve crossed 4600 followers – which seems like a good time to run a little giveaway.

The competition is pretty simple: follow me on Twitter, then post a comment on this blog post with your Twitter ID, and you will be entered into the draw. If you’re not on Twitter, fear not, because there are four prizes – two for Twitter followers, and two for everyone else. So if you aren’t on Twitter, just post a comment here, and we’ll work it out.

There are four prizes!

The Age Atomic – 9-CD audiobook.

Seven Wonders – 12-CD audiobook.

Seven Wonders + The Age Atomic UK paperback bundle (2 sets).


Twitter followers will be in the draw for one audiobook and one paperback bundle, and likewise for those not on Twitter. The selection of the audiobook will be random, unless the winner has a terribly strong preference. You can only enter once. All prizes will be signed/personalised/defaced as the winner desires.

The competition is open to anyone, worldwide. Because WorldCon is coming up, I’ll leave it running until Wednesday 4th September.

And… go!

Linky links, a competition, appearances and a website update

So! Stuff I have been meaning to post for a while:

If you’ve enjoyed Seven Wonders, you’ll get a wry smile from these; if you’ve not yet tried the book, you get a flavour of Christopher’s approach.

Readers who want “that little bit more” from their storytelling should check this out. Recommended.

And the other stuff:

  • I’ve shifted some stuff around on my website – Books now has a new landing page, and each title’s individual page has had a makeover. If I’ve left anything out, or you see anything odd, please holler!
  • I’ve updated my appearances for 2013 – next up is Edge Lit 2, being held at the QUAD in Derby next month. The schedule for the one-day event is online – I’ll post more details about that next week.