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Award eligibility for 2013

It’s getting to that time when various awards start to call for suggestions and nominations – these include the Hugo, British Science Fiction Association, British Fantasy Society, Sir Julius Vogel, Nebula and World Fantasy awards, and others. As a couple have opened already, I thought it a good time to post this aide-memoire on my work from 2012 that is eligible.

Now… some people get twitchy when an author posts stuff like this, but personally I’m grateful when they do – when it comes time to nominate something, I spend far too long just trying to remember what the heck I read in the last year, and in the past there have been plenty of books I would have nominated had they not slipped my mind completely. That is annoying.

So, onwards. Here’s a list of my 2012 work that is eligible for awards in 2013. It’s not a long list!


Empire State – published 5th January 2012 (worldwide) by Angry Robot (paperback; science fiction/fantasy)

Seven Wonders – published 6th September 2012 (worldwide) by Angry Robot (paperback; science fiction/fantasy)

Note: Empire State was my debut novel and first professional sale, which makes me eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer 2013 and 2014, and Sir Julius Vogel Award, Best New Talent category for 2013-2016. I’m eligible for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards generally as I am a New Zealand citizen.

Art/Cover artist

Will Staehle – for the Empire State and Seven Wonders covers.

And…that’s it!

Now to figure out what I read and enjoyed in 2012…

EMPIRE STATE is SciFiNow magazine’s book of the year 2012!

On the news stands today is issue 74 of SciFiNow magazine, featuring their 2012 end-of-year awards. And if you turn to page 52, you’ll find their run-down of the five best novels and five best comics of 2012. And at number 1 for books: my debut novel, Empire State!

Like, wow.

Rounding out the list of five best novels is The Game is Altered by Mez Packer (2), Red Country by Joe Abercrombie (3), The Great North Road by Peter F. Hamilton (4), and Intrusion by Ken MacLeod (5).

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to bits, and honoured to be even mentioned in the same list as those mighty authors.

Of Empire State, they said:

The smoky bars and ceiling fan intrigue of Raymond Chandler meets the neurotic, beer-gut superheroics of Alan Moore at his height (as opposed to his post-From Hell esotericism), Adam Christopher’s genre-merging debut swept skyward seemingly from nowhere, its cape trailing in the wind, and brought with it an incredible sense of wonder.

To celebrate, my publisher Angry Robot are running an ebook promotion – you can get 25% off both Empire State and Seven Wonders (DRM-free epub) at the Robot Trading Company from now until Monday 26th November by entering the code sfnow2012 at checkout.

Feel free to share the code around – tweet it, blog it, spread the word!

And don’t forget, the sequel to Empire State, The Age Atomic, is out in April next year, and is now available for pre-order.

Fantasy Bytes interview! EMPIRE STATE in Not The Booker Prize! SEVEN WONDERS at io9!

Some website maintenance today – a switch of fonts (how I love you, Helvetica neue!), an adjustment to the header, and some extra stuff in the side widgets. If anyone strikes a problem, so let me know, because by “maintenance” I mean “randomly hacking the CSS and praying nothing breaks”.

Yesterday I was interviewed over at Fantasy Bytes, where I had some things to say about Seven Wonders, writing, and gingernut biscuits. I am reliably informed that “dunking” biscuits has my US friends in hysterics. So, not a country of dunkers then! As I mentioned the other day, Fantasy Bytes also gave Seven Wonders a rather nice review, which you can see here (and some pre-review comments are here!).

Seven Wonders has also cropped up over at io9, where they list it alongside some fabulous others books as one of the science fiction and fantasy books you can’t afford to miss in August. Add that to the mention over at Kirkus (in their 11 not-to-miss science fiction and fantasy books for August) and Ranting Dragon (top 20 science fiction and fantasy releases of August), and it seems that things are hotting up!

The Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize has reached the longlist stage, where readers can now vote for their chosen title. The longlist – which includes Empire State, and some other fabulous books – and voting instructions can be found here, so go knock yourself out.

And finally, I’m pleased to say I’ll be a guest at the Morley Literature Festival in October, taking part in a panel on superheroes and science fiction with David Hine, Samit Basu, and Justina Robson. The panel is part of the week-long festival, which is held near Leeds here in the UK, and will cost you £4 to attend – you can find links to buy  tickets on the event page.

And… one more thing: the obligatory reminder that you can still pre-order the limited hardcover collector’s edition of Seven Wonders from Forbidden Planet ahead of the official launch on Thursday 6th September. There are only 100 numbered copies of this, so get in while you can! And actually speaking of pre-orders, it seems the audiobook of Seven Wonders will be out at the same time as the print book, and is narrated by Nick Podehl, who I’m rather pleased with, and who also has read a lot of Patrick Rothfuss’s work. Details are here; I’ll update the order links when I get a moment.

Serenity now

You know what’s worse than a hard-to-hit deadline? How about one that actually shrinks the closer you get to it? That’s pretty much my situation for the next two weeks, so I’m afraid this blog is going to gather dust a little. But, I’ll try and at least post a pretty picture once a day until things settle down.

As they say, serenity now, serenity now…

Before I go, in the not-really-news department, the shortlist for the 2011 British Horror Fantasy Society awards is up and the two short stories of mine that made it to the longlist aren’t on it. That’s what I expected, but my heartfelt thanks to those who nominated them, and to those who voted. I really appreciate it! The announced shortlist is a pretty cool collection of creators and their works (Angry Robot gets into the Best Novel category with Pretty Little Dead Things by Gary McMahon) – I’d make (another) quip about the list being horror dominated again, but seeing as my two longlist-nominated stories were actually horror too, I shouldn’t really complain!

In fact, you can read my two stories for free here – The Nightmare of You and Death in the Room and The Unpopular Opinion of Reverend Tobias Thackery. Enjoy!

Update: The BFS shortlist is on their front page, as kindly pointed out by Jan in the comments! Thanks, I’ve updated the post!

Parsec awards 2011

Still on holiday. Now eating pineapple lumps and Twisties and watching Te Karere.

Some news: the 5-part podcast of The Devil in Chains, superbly read by Emma Newman, is up for a Parsec award!

The Parsecs are the annual podcasting award and are given out at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia, in September. The Devil in Chains falls under the novella category.

The Parsecs are a judged award and the list of nominations for some categories is long, but I’m very pleased to have made it onto the nomination list alongside some great material. Dark Fiction Magazine is also up for a Parsec in its own right, which is a terrific achievement considering this is its very first year of existence.

Fingers-crossed for September! You can download a free PDF of The Devil in Chains here, and listen to the 5-part podcast here.

27th April, 2011: Zoo City wins the Arthur C. Clarke Award

What more can I say? Zoo City was my favourite book of 2010, and Lauren Beukes is a great friend. She – and the book – deserve this award.

There are some links of interest over at Angry Robot, and you can hear an interview with Lauren and a reading from Zoo City over at Escape Pod.

Rock on.

13th April, 2011: The British Fantasy Awards longlist

The British Fantasy Awards are the “other” awards, handed out at FantasyCon in September. I say “other” just because they come second in the year – the first being the British Science Fiction Association awards given at EasterCon.

The longlist for the BFS awards went up the other day, and I have two short stories nominated – The Nightmare of You and Death in the Room, and The Unpopular Opinion of Reverend Tobias Thackery.

My reaction in essence can be summed up as: oh hell yes!!

I mean, I could be all cool about it, and just shrug, and go, yeah, hey, BFS? Sweet. But the one thing about this writing lark is to never, ever take anything for granted. I’ve met authors who do/have, and you know what? Those encounters usually haven’t been that nice. So far I’ve had an amazing year, and every single achievement is worth celebrating.

So, where was I? Oh yeah: oh hell yes!! Nightmare was also longlist-nominated for the BSFA awards this year.

I’m not sure how many rounds of voting there are but BFS Members and registered attendees of FantasyCon 2010 and 2011 can vote on round one now. Voting is open until 31 May 2011. My two short stories are available, complete and free, here (Nightmare) and here (Thackery).

It’s a real honour to be on this longlist – I mean, just look at the names on it. Lauren Beukes, Stephen King (fortunately I’m not up against him in my category!), Joe Hill… the list goes on. Go take a look, and if you qualify to vote, vote!

One more thing from yesterday – I got a namecheck in episode 15 of ThrillerCast, a writing podcast hosted by Alan Baxter and David Wood. Alan and David said some very nice things – thanks guys! Their podcast sounds really cool, and I’m certainly going back to listen to it from the beginning.

Back to the editing…