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MADE TO KILL nominated for the Dame Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel

I’m completely thrilled and delighted to discover that Made to Kill, volume 1 in The LA Trilogy, is a finalist for the 2016 Dame Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel. The Ngaio’s were founded in 2010 and are New Zealand’s national book prize for crime and mystery fiction. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make the award ceremony itself, which is held in Christchurch on August 27th, but I feel very honoured to be included among such a strong shortlist.


The Dame Ngaio Marsh Award is a judged prize, and here’s what the judges had to say about my little book about a robot detective (*cough* assassin):

“An outstanding and well written, distinctive sci-fi period noir thriller set in an alternate version of Los Angeles. Atmospheric with an exceptional sense of place and characterisation. Very Chandleresque and a thoroughly good mix of two different genres. Hopefully this will become a classic.”

“I loved it and the author had a great main protagonist even though he’s a robot. It’s got Reds infiltrating Hollywood, secret societies and the whole ‘taking over the world’ scenario. It is all a bit daft, but it really gripped me and was a hugely enjoyable read.”

“Inventive, creative and audacious, full of clever details, a wonderful narrative voice and compelling cast of self-absorbed Hollywood types – one of the most endearing robots you could hope to find in literature.”

Last weekend, Award convener Craig Sisterson was interviewed on Radio New Zealand’s Sunday Morning programme, discussing the awards and Made to Kill. You can listen to the interview here (Made to Kill discussion starts at around 9’40”).

Woo-hoo! I won’t pretend that Made to Kill has any chance of winning – it’s an odd mix of SF and mystery, so perhaps not quite what the judges are looking for – but hey, New Zealand crime and mystery writing is alive and well and, in fact, stronger than ever, and to even be considered is a great honour.

The award is split into two categories – Best Crime Novel and Best First Novel – and the full shortlist is:

Now I just need to get over my jet lag and sort through my photos from San Diego Comic Con…

ELEMENTARY: THE GHOST LINE nominated for the 2016 Scribe Awards

The shortlist for the 2016 Scribe Awards has now been announced, and I’m very pleased that my first Elementary novel, The Ghost Line, is a finalist!


The Scribe Awards are given out each year by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers, and recognise “excellence in this very competitive field”, as their website says. Elementary: The Ghost Line is actually the first tie-in novel I’ve written, so I’m chuffed to see it nominated.

The full shortlist can be found at the Scribe Awards website. The Ghost Line is up against three other novels in the General category–I’m just glad it’s not in the Speculative category, the shortlist of which features a whopping seven books.

The awards are given out at a special panel held at San Diego Comic Con, which I’ll be at. I’ll post more info when I have it.

In the meantime, don’t forget that the second Elementary novel, Blood and Ink, is out in just over a week!

A brand-new novel tie-in to the popular Elementary TV series.

The CFO of a secretive NYC hedge fund is found murdered—stabbed through the eye with an expensive fountain pen. Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson discover a link between the victim and a charismatic touring management guru with a doubtful past. But is the solution so clear-cut or is the guru being framed?

As secrets are revealed and another victim is found murdered in the same grisly fashion, Holmes and Watson begin to uncover a murky world of money and deceit…

And here are your handy order links:

Elementary: Blood and Ink at Forbidden Planet (signed copies!)
Elementary: Blood and Ink at (link coming soon!)
Elementary: Blood and Ink at (Kindle)
Elementary: Blood and Ink at
Elementary: Blood and Ink at (Kindle)
Elementary: Blood and Ink at Barnes & Noble
Elementary: Blood and Ink at Barnes & Noble (Nook)
Elementary: Blood and Ink at Indiebound
Elementary: Blood and Ink at Books-A-Million (ebook)
Elementary: Blood and Ink at Books-A-Million
Elementary: Blood and Ink at The Book Depository
Elementary: Blood and Ink at Foyles
Elementary: Blood and Ink at Waterstones
Elementary: Blood and Ink at WH Smith
Elementary: Blood and Ink at WH Smith (ebook)
Elementary: Blood and Ink at Hive
Elementary: Blood and Ink at Hive (ebook)
Elementary: Blood and Ink at iBooks

The listing for the UK paperback seems to be broken at the moment. I’ll update the link when it gets fixed.

To mark the release of Blood and Ink, I’ll be signing at the Forbidden Planet Birmingham Megastore (74 Bull Street, Birmingham, B4 6AD) on Saturday, 23rd April, from 1-2pm.

52 blogs of 2015 | #9 | BRISK MONEY at Publisher’s Weekly and the Hugo Award nomination deadline

The deadline for Hugo Award nominations is just hours away – 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time on Tuesday March 10, 2015 – so, those members of LonCon3, Sasquan, or MidAmeriCon II, make sure you have your ballot completed by then!

I have several bits and bobs of mine that are eligible (you can see the list here), but really the only thing I want to suggest is my novelette Brisk Money. This was published by last year, and… honestly, I love it. It’s fun, and it started a whole new series of novels for me, the first of which – Made to Kill – comes out in November 2015 from Tor in North America and Titan everywhere else. I’m immensely proud of that novel, and I can’t wait for folks to get their eyes on it.


In a happy coincidence, yesterday Brisk Money got a nice call-out in the Publisher’s Weekly starred review of the Some of the Best from 2014 anthology! Of the anthology as a whole, they said:

These uniformly excellent stories are all exactly as long as they need to be, and all the more powerful for it.

Brisk Money is, of course, entirely free to read. And you can do that… right here!


52 blogs of 2015 | #4 | Award eligibility

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Various awards are open for nomination, including the Hugos and the Nebulas, the BFS and BSFAs, etc, and I’ve already been surprised and quite delighted to find The Burning Dark is on the preliminary ballot of the Bram Stoker Awards (go, little book, go!).

So here’s my list of stuff of mine from 2014 that is eligible for nomination, should anyone wish to do so.


Novelette/short story (depends on the award)


I can also remind folk that Brisk Money–the prequel of sorts to my forthcoming novel Made to Kill–can also be found in Some of the Best from 2014 anthology. And I must say, I do like that story quite a lot, and I do believe the artwork that accompanies it by Gerard Dubois is a genuine bona fide oil painting…


Will Staehle wins the Kitschies Inky Tentacle for THE AGE ATOMIC cover!

Wednesday night I trotted down to London to attend the Kitschies, which are rapidly becoming the coolest and most distinguished genre awards outside the Arthur C. Clarkes. As I posted when the shortlist went up, Will Staehle’s marvellous cover for The Age Atomic was in for the Inky Tentacle award for best cover art.


And… it won!

Myself and Angry Robot senior editor Lee Harris accepted the award on Will’s behalf, and then we drank lots of prosecco afterwards. Alas, the prize – a handmade tentacle trophy, a bottle of The Kraken rum – were not mine to keep, so I spent most of the evening living vicariously through the talent of Will and looking after them for him before they were taken away to be shipped to the actual winner.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

But, I’m chuffed. The cover for The Age Atomic is one of my favourites that Will has done – and coincidentally it’s probably the favourite of the books I’ve written so far – so to have it honoured in this way is pretty gosh-darned cool. My thanks to Marc Gascoigne at Angry Robot for pairing me up with Will in the first place, and to Will himself for being a genius designer and a jolly nice fellow to work with.

And congratulations to the other winners! It was a fun night – details of the winners and some write ups of the event can be found here, here, here, here and here.

You can also hear a slightly drunken interview with me recorded during the after party over at Geek Syndicate’s AudioBoo page.


Will Staehle’s cover for THE AGE ATOMIC shortlisted for the Kitchies Inky Tentacle cover art award

Some super-duper news this morning.

The luminously green and wonderful cover for The Age Atomic, designed by the also luminous and wonderful Will Staehle, is on the shortlist for this year’s Inky Tentacle, the cover art award of the Kitchies.


I’m over the moon that the cover has been recognised in this way. As I have blogged many, many times, I’m a huge fan of Will Staehle, and I consider myself to be supremely lucky that his work has graced the covers of, so far, all of my published novels, both at Angry Robot and at Tor. The Age Atomic is a particular favourite of mine, and the cover out of a selection of about five that I really, really wanted to have on the book. Stylistically, it matches the cover of Empire State, and the atomic green glow not only suits the story within, but really stands out on the shelf.


The other amazing covers shortlisted can be found here.

The full list of Kitchies nominees can be found here. I’ll be accompanying Angry Robot editor Lee Harris to the award ceremony, which takes place in London on Wednesday, February 12th.

Best of luck to Will!


2014 award eligibility

It’s the time of year again. Nomination windows for various awards – the Hugos, Nebulas, BSFA, BFS, Sir Julius Vogel Awards, etc – are now open.

This post is going to be short, as I didn’t have much out in 2013!

My novel The Age Atomic, published by Angry Robot Books in April 2013, is eligible for Best Novel.


Will Staehle, the cover artist, is eligible for Best Artist or Best Cover (as applicable).

My editor, Lee Harris, is eligible for Best Editor (Long Form).

I’m also in my second year of eligibility for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. I managed 12th place on the long list last year, so… you never know! I’ll be posting more about the Campbell Award later, as there are a lot of writers eligible for it, and lots of cool samples and content to try. You can see a sample of names over at Fran Wilde’s blog.

Likewise, I’m also in my second year of eligibility for Best New Talent in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards.

And… that’s it! I’ll have more in 2014, but 2013 was on the quiet side for me.

I’m going to keep this post updated with other eligibility announcements from friends and writers. So far, we’ve got (alphabetical by first letter):

And more to come!

Sir Julius Vogel Award shortlist 2013: EMPIRE STATE for Best Novel and Best New Talent nomination

I’m chuffed to bits to announce that I’ve been nominated for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards this year in two categories: Empire State is in the shortlist for Best New Novel, and I’m in the shortlist for Best New Talent.

The full list of nominations can be found here. My congratulations to everyone on the ballot!

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are given out by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand; eligible voters are members of SFFANZ or Au Contraire, the NZ national science fiction convention, which is being held on 12-14th July in Wellington.

My thanks to everyone who nominated me! Not a bad way to start the day, really…

SFFWRTCHT transcript, new EMPIRE STATE review, and the 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology

So there I was just a chapter away from finishing the latest edit on The Book Formerly Known As Shadow’s Call, and I get sick with a dose of the flu that knocks me out for a week. Good timing.

While I clamber back to normality, a couple of links:

If you hadn’t noticed, award season is upon us, and there are a couple of useful resources available:

Finally, just a reminder that I’m eligible for a slightly more obscure award – the Sir Julius Vogel Awards, handed out by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand. Nominations for these close on 31st March, and anyone can nominate. My list of eligible works (and qualifying categories) is here.

2012 leftovers, Angry Robot ebook sale, and the year ahead

Hello 2013! We’re back to an odd-numbered year, during which I will turn an odd-numbered age. I like odd numbers.


There are a few leftover bits and bobs from the end of 2012:

  • At WarpCoreSF, Empire State was named the Best Superhero Noir of 2012.
  • At The Founding Fields, Seven Wonders came in at number 9 of their best books of 2012.
  • Empire State came in at number 3 on Angel of Retribution’s list of best debuts of 2012, while Seven Wonders made it to number 3 on their Best of the Best list.
  • The Eloquent Page named The Age Atomic among their top ten books to look forward to in 2013
  • The Ranting Dragon have compiled a might list of 50 titles to look forward to in 2013, with The Age Atomic at number 19. Also featuring a shout-out to Hang Wire, although I’d argue whether one book is more important than the other!

Today is the last day of Angry Robot’s ebook sale, which features 25% off all their ebooks (including, of course, Empire State and Seven Wonders). You can find details of the sale here. All Angry Robot ebooks are DRM-free too!

Couple of award things – the BSFA Award nomination period is only open until January 11th (details here), and the Hugo Awards are now open for nominations until March 10th.

New Zealand’s Sir Julius Vogel Awards are also open from now until March 31st.- notably, anyone can nominate for these, regardless of membership of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand.

If anyone is so inclined, my list of eligible work is here.

And finally a quick update to my year ahead – actually, this is all likely to take me well into 2014. So my projects are: Shadow’s Call (to be renamed – now scheduled for publication in March 2014), Hang Wire (out in November 2013) Lucifer, Blackout 77, and an untitled urban fantasy project.

Um, yeah. That should keep me going! I should also have an update on my comic debut, The Sentinel, shortly. I’m looking forward to showing off some new art from that!