Yesterday I mentioned on Twitter that the buzzards were being vocal, and a few people thought I was making some oblique reference to an internet spat or something.

Far from it. I was referring to real, actual buzzards.

This is the edge of the woods across from our house, shot with a suitably evil filter in Instagram. While we see the buzzards circling over the surrounding countryside frequently, they seem to live here. Certainly over the last few days we’ve heard their cries, and they come from these trees.

Buzzards are common to the British countryside, but I’ve never lived near where they live. Their call is instantly recognisable, and being a fairly large bird of prey, slightly spooky.

But I like having buzzards as neighbours.

In non-buzzard news, I started work on Night Pictures today, which is my sixth novel. It’s only the first day but I clocked up 3,136 words – but more importantly, in the space of the prologue and first half of the first chapter I introduced a completely new characer that I had no idea even existed. Looking back on my outline, it’s obvious that he was there all along, but he never showed himself. He’s a villain, and an important one, so I guess he was just hiding in the shadows, biding his time.

I’ll do up some stats tomorrow, but book six is underway!