Booklist, weigh in on THE BURNING DARK; Lost Cosmonauts; Sword and Laser!

Oh boy. Where to start?

So! Been busy, which is great, except it means things tend to back up. Like a big collection of links, interviews, podcasts and other neat things that I need to get out there.

Welcome to Blog Catch-up Week!

Kicking it off today, Booklist have reviewed The Burning Dark, and they say it is:

An exciting novel from an exciting new voice in SF.

Wow, I like it! Booklist were the ones who gave Hang Wire a starred review, so I like them a lot at the moment. The Booklist review is paywalled for a moment – when it becomes free to view, I’ll post a link. In the meantime, you can actually read the whole thing on the listing for The Burning Dark. also reviewed The Burning Dark, with reviewer Alex Brown saying:

Christopher is a very good writer, with a strong sense of craft and imagery. The characters are, for the most part, fresh and complex, with their own only mildly trope-y personalities. The suspense and tension are there from the get-go and don’t let up until the very end. Once the book got going, I raced through it, reluctant to put it down. He has created a compelling universe populated by sentient machines, short-sighted humans, and malevolent monsters, and I can’t wait to see more of it. Two more books are scheduled in the Spider Wars series, and I’m curious to see where he’s headed.

I really like this review, because Alex points out that the book isn’t the kind of space opera science fiction you might expect. Which I think is exactly right!

On the subject of what exactly The Burning Dark might be about, today on the Tor Books blog I talk about the lost cosmonauts, a rather curious urban myth about secret Soviet space shenanigans – which plays a rather large role in the book.

Finally for this catch-up, I returned to my favourite podcast show recently, Sword and Laser, for another talk about books! I really love being on the show, and it was a pleasure to be a guest yet again. Apparently I’m nearing the record for author appearances on the show!