Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the EMPIRE STATE playlist

At the back of Empire State there’s a playlist of songs I listened to while writing and editing the book (you can listen to playlist on Spotify or iTunes here). The other day, I did a slightly expanded version of the playlist for this blog.

Seems word got around. Yesterday I got an email from someone connected to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, one of my favourite bands, who said the band and their management had seen the playlist and were delighted at the inclusion of the song Salvation.

I thought that was cool, but it was a little tricky to work out whether the email was genuine or not.

Later in the day, this appeared on BRMC’s official Facebook page:

So, on the day that Empire State was reviewed in the Financial Times, just after the stonkingly great London launch, I find one of my favourite bands has seen the playlist and are pleased they’re on it.

Which is about as cool as it gets, I think. Unfortunately there are no good version of Salvation on YouTube, but to mark the occassion here’s another favourite BRMC track, Love Burns.

Now to see if I can get word to Robert Smith