Forthcoming appearances

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  • Darren Claus

    Looking forward to seeing you at LoneStarCon3 in San Antonio. I’ve been reading Empire State for the first time, and I’m already looking forward to the sequel. Great reads!

  • Great to hear. See you in Texas!

  • Ivan

    Are you coming to New York in the foreseeable future?

  • Hi Ivan,

    No plans currently, but I’ll post them here as soon as anything is firmed up!

  • Ricardo Aguilera

    Hey man I just finished seven wonders and I’m making my way to Empire State and the atomic age and I just gotta say….as a avid comic book reader I fell in love with seven wonders. It’s kick ass meets watchman meets secret invasion, a love child between Alan Moore and the best the golden age has to offer.

    I was wondering if you were interested in pursuing a graphic novel adaption through image or possibly vertigo?

    We saw something similar with the artemis fowl graphic novel and I’d love to see seven wonders released as a graphic novel. On that note if I had to make some suggestions I’d recommend to seek out Greg Capullo as the novels artist because his work on the new 52 batman has been excellent. He has a style that would be perfect for the tone of this book and he lays out panels in a very sequential,storyboard fashion that’s very cinematic in presentation like a high budget animated movie.

    I’d also recommend to try something unconventional with the art in making it black and white similar to a manga. I think black and white art is very underappreciated in western comics yet I feel if used properly it can convey a strong sense of maturity and sophistication like the illustratative novels of before. Either way I love your work and I’m going to be front in line whenever you release a new book, and hopefully I’m time we can see those graphic adaptations…..especially since Jeanie sounds like she would look really good in full illustrated glory ha.

    Also from 1 comic fan to another, these are some comics I highly recommend you check out.

    Superior spiderman:Dan slott has done amazing with this tittle so far.
    Hawkeye-This is the next step in mainstream comics IMO…fracton is just on fire with this series.
    Marvel NOW Thor: Jason has crafted the best Thor story in years with the god butcher arc…highly recommended and it puts all the Thor marvel movies to shame.
    Young avengers: The most experimental and underrated series on the marvel lineup…trust me the series is in charming,innovative and pushes the presentation of comics into the next level.
    Peter David’s X-factor run: Peter did something truly remarkable in this series and made a bunch of D list characters into full living and breathing characters you can relate and sympathize with. Much like hawkeye, this serie is about the human element of the characters and in my view one of the best long running series marvel has bad for quite some time. It’s getting a reboot next year by the same writer but I still recommend to check out his original run…it’s great stuff.
    New 52 Wonderwoman: Easily the best take on Wonder Woman I’ve ever seen. Fantastic art style,witty and wildly entertaining dialogue and great characters…don’t miss out on this one.
    I,Vampire-The series is over but the short lived run is easily the highlight of the new 52…this series needs more love.
    New 52 Flash-Compelling characters with solid art work and a extremely likeable cast….plus I think a certain slipstream member of the seven wonders might appreciate it.
    Batman-Self explanatory.
    The new 52 Green lantern books: There’s 4 of them and while this might sound like a bad marketing ploy you do really need to read all 4 series to fully appreciate the scale and depth of the GL universe. Granted the GL books are a lot more uneven then all the books I recommended on this list but in spite of their flaws it delivers on the pure”comic book”fun we all remember from our youth. I think you’ll be surprised at how enjoyable the experience is and how much more you will grow to appreciate and love the GL mythos.
    Rat Queens: Last but certainly not least…this brand new series that is just on issue 3 is pure comedy gold. It’s lord of the rings meets panty & stocking (anime)…trust me you’ll have a great time with it.