Announcement: New book deal with Tor!

Seriously, keeping secrets just kills me. So… I’m pleased to announce I’ve signed a new book deal!

The deal is with Tor US for a new novel called Shadow’s Call, a dark space opera set on a distant, derelict space station, bathed in toxic radiation from a nearby star, where a washed-up Fleet commander must battle a sentient mechanical spider race and its sinister allies with the help of a long-dead Cosmonaut and a sexy but troubled celebrity asteroid-miner.

The deal was negotiated by Tor editor Paul Stevens and my (exceedingly kick-ass) agent, Stacia Decker of the Donald Maass Literary Agency, and includes North American English rights in physical and electronic formats.

Shadow’s Call is the Secret Project S I’ve been talking about recently, and long-time readers of my blog may remember this book from the original title of Ludmila, My Love.

Now, this deal is pretty cool – this is my first with one of the Big Six publishers, and it’ll be my first novel in hardcover. Shadow’s Call is due out in summer 2013 from Tor in the US. I’m excited to be working with Paul at Tor, and this clearly means I’m going to have to go back to New York for a meeting. And cake. As you do.

My thanks to Stacia Decker and to the original Ludmila beta-reading team!

  • YAY! That’s fantastic news – I always wondered what happened to Ludmila, My Love! Congratulations 🙂

  • I think its pretty darned cool. 🙂

  • Congrats, Adam!!!!!

  • As part of said beta team, I can confidently say the rest of the world is so not ready for this one to hit them. I sniffle slightly over the retitling, but Shadow’s Call is pretty good, too.

    Congrats, brother!

  • Congratulations. My first novel with the Big Six comes out next Spring, so we may well be sharing some shelf space.

  • Kate Feld

    Holy crap!  Such great news, delighted for you.

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  • Congrats mate, we can’t wait!

  • Ros


    I have to say though, Ludmila, My Love is by far the better title. Shadow’s Call is just a bit generic and safe, and could apply to just about any kind of thriller, whereas Ludmila has an old-fashioned vibe that has me intrigued. 

  • The problem with Ludmila, My Love (apart from including a comma, which causes merry hell with bookstore databases apparently) is that when I actually wrote the book, the story didn’t turn out the way I expected it to. So the title really doesn’t reflect the contents.

    However, things are always up for discussion, and it could well be that we go for a different title again. Shadow’s Call is in no way set in stone at the moment.

  • Congrats! Great one!  : )